DiePharmazie 1/2003



Porchezhian, E.; Dobriyal, R. M.: An overview on the advances of Gymnema sylvestre: chemistry, pharmacology and patents


Original articles

El Hadri, A.; Nicolle, E.; Leclerc, G.; Pietri-Rouxel, F.; Strosberg, A. D.; Archimbault, Ph.: New series of N-substituted phenyl ketone oxime ethers: Synthesis and bovine ß3-adrenergic agonistic activities

Mokry, P.; Zemanová, M. Csöllei, J.; Racanská, E.; Tumová, I.: Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of novel potential ultrashortacting ß-blockers

Can, N. O.; Tuncel, M.; Aboul-Enein, H. Y.: Determination of nabumetone in pharmaceutical formulation by flow injection analysis (FIA) with UV-detection

Kolar, M.; Dobcnik, D.: Chemically prepared silver electrode for determination of N-acetyl-L-cysteine by flow-injection potentiometry

Hassan, S. S. M.; Mahmoud, W. H.; Elmosallamy, M. A. F.; Almarzooqi, M. H.: Determination of diclofenac in pharmaceutical preparations using a novel PVC membrane sensor

Linares, M. S.; Longhi, M. R.: Effects of hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin on the chemical stability of a naphthoquinone in aqueous solutions

Moursy, N. M.; Afifi, N. N.; Ghorab, D. M.; El-Saharty, Y.: Formulation and evaluation of sustained release floating capsules of nicardipine hydrochloride

Gere-Pászti, E.; Prodán, M.; Forgács, E.: Effect of monovalent cations on the binding of amino acids to cholesterol

Prakasam, A.; Sethupathy, S.; Pugalendi, K. V.: Glycaemic control by Casearia esculenta – a short duration study in albino rats

Serkedjieva, J.: Influenza virus variants with reduced susceptibility to inhibition by a polyphenol extract from Geranium sanguineum L.

Ellaiah, P.; Adinarayana, K.; Sunitha, M.: Effect of magnetic field on the biosynthesis of neomycin by Streptomyces marinensis

Rahman, A.; Ali, M.; Khan, N. Z.: Argyroside from Argyreia nervosa seeds

Petrova, S. D.; Bakalova, N. G.; Bankova, E. D.; Andonova, S. B.; Kolev, D. N.: Separation of enzymes from polyenzyme mixture used in medicine and pharmacy II.


Short communications

Aldana, I.; Ortega, M. A.; Jaso, A.; Zarranz, B.; Oporto, P.; Giménez, A.; Monge, A.; Denaro, E.: Anti-malarial activity of some 7-chloro-2-quinoxalinecarbonitrile-1,4-di-N-oxide derivatives

Lohitnavy, M.; Lohitnavy, O.; Chaijittiprasert, K.; Taytiwat, P.; Polnok, S.; Sareekan, K.: Pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence studies of generic clarithromycin tablets in healthy male volunteers

Makino, B.; Ohya, J.; Yamamura, H.; Araki, S.; Butsugan, Y.; Kawai, M.: Cytotoxic activity of physalins possessing modified skeletal structures against HeLa cells

Baboota, S.; Agarwal, S. P.: Meloxicam complexation with ß-cyclodextrin: influence on the anti-inflammatory and ulcerogenic activity

El-Lakany, A. M.: Two new diterpene quinones from the roots of Salvia lanigera Poir.

Kozlovsky, A. G.; Zhelifonova, V. P.; Adanin, V. M.; Ozerskaya, S. M.; Gräfe, U.: Nosporins A and B, new metabolites from a filamentous fungus, VKM-3750