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DiePharmazie 01/1996

Original Articles

Naumann, B.; Böhm, R.; Fülöp, F.; Bernáth, G.: Preparation of new trifunctional thiophene derivatives

Santagati, M.; Modica, M.; Santagati, A.; Russo, F.; Spampinato, S.: Synthesis of aminothienopyrimidine and thienotriazolopyrimidine derivatives as potential anticonvulsant drugs

Schmidt, M.; Eger, K.: Michael reactions of ascorbic acid, 4th communication: Nitrostyrene as a Michael acceptor toward vitamin C

Görlitzer, K.; Ewert, H.-J.: Nicotinic aldehydes in the Hantzsch pyridine synthesis - nitration of 2,3'- and 3,4'-bipyridine N-oxides (in German)

Liebenberg, W.; van Rooyen, P. H.; van der Schyf, C. J.: The biological activity of two symmetric amine derivatives of the cis-syn-cis triquinane system

Kovachev, T. B.; Ivanov, D. S.; Buyukliev, R. T.; Konstantinov, S. M.; Karaivanova, M. C.: Synthesis and tumorinhibiting activity of lanthanum(III) complexes with some 1-aminocycloalkancarboxylic acids

Bukowski, L.; Janowiec, M.: 1-Methyl-1H-imidazo[4,5-b]pyridinecarboxylic acid and some of its derivatives with suspected antituberculotic activity

Aboul-Fadl, T.; Fouad, E. A.: Synthesis and in vitro investigations of nalidixic acid amides of amino acid esters as prodrugs

Geban, Ö.; Ertepinar, H.; Özden, S.: QSAR analysis of a set of benzimidazole derivatives based on their tuberculostatic activities

Beyrich, T.; Kottke, K.: Cyclodextrin catalyzed hydrolysis of guajacol- and vanillylesters of phenylalcanoic acids (in German)

Fridriksdóttir, H.; Loftsson, T.; Gudmundsson, J. A.; Bjarnasson, G. J.; Kjeld, M.; Thosteinsson, T.: Design and in vivo testing of 17ß-estradiol-HPßCD sublingual tablets

Ammar, H.O.; Ghorab, M.; El-Nahhas, S. A.; Omar, S. M.M Ghorab, M. M.: Improvement of some pharmaceutical properties of drugs by cyclodextrin complexation, 5. Theophylline

Endres, H. G. E.; Henschel, L.; Merkel, U.; Hippius, M.; Hoffmann, A.: Lack of pharmacokinetic interaction between dextromethorphan, coumarin and mephenytoin in man after simultaneous administration

Kovács, P.; Juránek, I.; Stankovicová, T.; Svec, P.: Lipid peroxidation during acute stress

Majtan, V.; Majtanová, L.: Effect of organic ammonium salts on metabolic processes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Pachaly, P.; Treitner, A.; Sin, K. S.: New coumarin glycosides from Angelica gigas roots

Short communications

Misiuk, W.; Tarasiewicz, M.: Spectrophotometric determination of perazine and thioridazine in pharmaceutical preparations

Kedor-Hackmann, E. M.; Gianotto, E. A. S.; Santoro, M. I. R. M.: Determination of triamcinolone acetonide and salicylic acid in pharmaceutical formulations by high performance liquid chromatography

Schillaci, D.; Maggio, B.; Petruso, S.: In vitro activity of synthetic bromo analogs of pyrromycins against clinical Staphylococcus aureus strains

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