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DiePharmazie 01/1998


Jain, S.; Jain, N. K.: Preparation, characterization and pharmaceutical potential of engineered erythrocytes

Original Articles

Badolo, L.; Gelbcke, M.; Dubois, J.; Hanocq, M.: Synthesis and cytotoxicity studies of new analogues of polyamines

Görlitzer, K.; Ventzke-Neu, K.: Transformations of 10-hydroxy-indol[3,2-b]quinoline-5-oxide (dioxyquindoline) (in German)

Al-Obaid, A. M.; El-Subbagh, H. I.; Al-Shabanah, O. A.; Mahran, M. A.: Synthesis and biological evaluation of new cyclopentenol[b]thiophene derivatives as local anesthetic and antiarrhythmic agents

Radeglia, R.; Arrieta, A. F.: 1H- and 13C-NMR- studies of selected vinylogues of dibenzolylmethane (Curcumine analogues) (in German)

Abu-Khurmah, M.; Oelschläger, H.: Electroanalysis and mechanism of the reduction of the antipsychotic drug timelotem, 10-fluoro-3-methyl-7-(2-thienyl)-1,2,3,4,4a,5-hexahydro-pyrazinol[1,2-a] [,4]benzodiazepin, at the dropping mercury electrode (in German)

Tenhagen, A.; Feuring, Th.; Lippe, W.-M.: Identity determination of hashish samples quantified by means of ICP-AES and NAA and data handling with neural networks. Part 2: Separation of sample signatures with neural networks (in German)

Bendas, G.; Schubert, K.; Nuhn, P.: Use of merocyanine 540 for the fluorimetric detection of liposome membrane properties before and after lyophilization and rehydration

Moser, M. A.; Krumme, M.; Schmidt, P. C.: Flexure test of tablets

Kim, D.R., Korting, H. C.; Schäfer-Korting, M.: Effects of growth factors on the proliferation of human kerationocytes and fibroplasts in vitro

Fulde, K.; Böhler, J.; Keller, E.; Frahm, A. W.: Efficiency of haemoperfusion materials at removing the fungal toxin orellanine from human plasma

Majtánová, L.; Majtán, V.: Pharmacodynamic parameters of gentamicin and their effect on biological properties of gram-negative bacteria

Scusková, S.; Jezová, M.; Vranová, J.; Tatara, M.; Kolena, J.: Effect of local anesthetics on accessibility and thermal stability of the rat ovarian LH/hCG recptor

Friedrich, C.; von Domarus, C.: Carl Friedrich Meissner (1792 - 1853) - pharmacist and alkaloid scientist (in German)

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