DiePharmazie 2/2001



Bertram, B.; Hemm, I.; Tang, W.: Mutagenic and carcinogenic constituents of medicinal herbs used in Europe or in the USA


Original articles

Pandeya, S. N.; Manjula, H.; Stables, J. P.: Design of semicarbazones and their bio-isosteric analogues as potential anticonvulsants

Debouzy, J. C.; Dabouis, V.; Crouzy, S.; Bachelet, C.; Favier, A.; Peinnequin, A.; Gueiffier, A.: Modulation of intercalating properties of pyrido[1,2-e]purins via side-chain modifications: NMR and MD studies

Sladowska, H.; Szkatula, D.; Filipek, B.; Maciag, D.; Sapa, J.; Zygmunt, M.: Synthesis and properties of 2-(4-substituted)butyl derivatives of some 2,3-dihydro-1,3-dioxo-1H-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyridines

Möhrle, H.; Niessen, R.: Ring cleavage of N-arylpyridinium salts by nucleophiles – regioselectivicity and stereochemistry of the products – part 1 (in German)

Kim, E.-J.; Hänsel, W.; Heber, D.: Vilsmeier formylation of praziquantel: synthesis and application for polarographic assay

Milovanovic, LJ.; Kapetanovic, V.; Popovic, G.; Dugumovic, Z.; Miljevic, D.; Aleksic, M.: Spectrophotometric and HPLC determination of fleroxacin in tablets

Hanna, G. M.; Lau-Cam, C.A.: A simple method for the identification and assay of iopamidol and iothalamate meglumine in pharmaceutical samples based on proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Medic-Saric, M.; Stanic, G.; Bosnjak, I.: The use of information theory and numerical taxonomy methods for evaluating the quality of thin-layer chromatographic separations of flavonoid constitutents of Matricariae flos

Malolepsza-Jarmolowska, K.; Kubis, A. A.: Studies on gynaecological hydrophilic lactic acid preparations, part 4: Effects of polyvinyl pyrrolidone K-90 on properties of methylcellulose gels

Realdon, N; Ragazzi, Eug.; Ragazzi, Enr.: Effect of drug solubility on in vitro availability rate from suppositories with polyethylene glycol excipients

Hall, I. H.; Covington, D. W.; Wheaton, J. R.; Izydore, R. A.; Xiaoming Zhou: Cytotoxicity of 2-ethenyl-2,3-dihydrophthalazine-1,4-diones in murine and human tumor cultured cells

Ansari, S. H.; Ali, M.: Norditerpenic ester and pentacyclic triterpenoids from root bark of Calotropis procera (Ait) R. Br.

Shou-Jun Guo; Li-Ming Gao; Dong-Liang Cheng: Iridoids from Phlomis umbrosa


Short communications

Rittner, R.; Barbarini, J. E.; Höehr, N. F.: Synthesis of some new neostigmine methyl sulphates and related compounds

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Doerr, M.: Kondensation of a dihydro-1,4-benzoquinone derivatives with 1,2-arylene diamines (in German)

Altiokka, G.; Atkosar, Z.; Tuncel, M.: Pulse polarographic determination of meloxicam

Sener, E.; Altiokka, G.; Atkosar, Z.; Tuncel, M.: Flow injection analysis of meloxicam using UV-detection

Sikora, J.; Krajewska, U.; Gietka, M.; Kostka, B.: The application of pig blood in the in vitro measurement of platelet adhesion

Ali, M.; Ansari, S. H.; Grever, M. R.: Cytotoxic alkaloids from Tylophora indica