DiePharmazie 2/2003

Original articles

Waisser, K.; Bures, O.; Holy, P.; Kunes, J.; Oswald, R.; Jirásková, L.; Pour, M.; Klimesova, V.; Palát, K. jr.; Kaustová, J.; Danse, H.-M.; Möllmann, U.: Antimycobacterial 3-aryl-2H-1,3-benzoxazine-2,4(3H)-diones

Oelschläger, H.; Wange, J.; Letsch, J.; Seeling, A.: New results on the synthesis of the centrally acting muscle relaxant chlormezanone and its resolution on a gram scale using a Chiralcel® OD column (in German)

Sharma, V.; Khan, M. S. Y.: Prodrugs and mutual prodrugs: synthesis of some new pyrazolone and oxadiazole analogues of a few non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Thierfelder, B.: Reactions between isopropyl-alkylamines and 2,3-dichloro-1,4-naphthoquinone and 2,3-dichloro-1,4-naphthoquinone/acetaldehyde (in German)

Rojkovicová, T.; Hrobonová, K.; Lehotay, J.; Cizmárik, J.: Coupled-column chromatography for separation and determination of enantiomers of phenylcarbamic acid derivatives in serum

Mikus, P.; Kubacák, P.; Valásková, I.; Havránek, E.: Capillary isotachophoresis of cystine in urine with on-line isotachophoresis sample pretreatment

Barzegar, M.; Rahmani, A.; Jabbari, A.; Mousavi, M. F.: Kinetic-spectrophotometric determination of propylthiouracil based on its inhibitory effect on the reduction of neutral red by hypophosphite

Swanepoel, E.; Liebenberg, W.; Devarakonda, B.; de Villiers, M. M.: Developing a discriminating dissolution test for three mebendazole polymorphs based on solubility differences

Andrzejewska, M.; Dzierzgowska-Szmidt, A.; Kazimierczuk, Z.: Alkaline hydrolysis of cladribine

Srichana, T.; Suedee, R.; Srisudjai, P.: Application of spectrofluorometry for evaluation of dry powder inhalers in vitro

Shawesh, A. M.; Kaukonen, Am.; Kallioinen, S.; Antikainen, O.; Yliruusi, J.: Development of indomethacin Carbopol ETD 2001 gels and the influence of storage time and temperature on their stability

Dimmock, J. R.; Zello, G. A.; Vashishtha, S. C.; Hayes, S. J.; Mutalik, S.; Kumar, S.; Venkatesh, M.; Udupa, N.: A toxicological evaluation of 2-dimethylaminomethyl-1-phenyl-2-propen-1-one hydrochloride

Costantino, L.; Lins, A. P.; Barlocco, D.; Celotti, F.; El-Abady, S. A.; Brunetti, T.; Maggi, R.; Antolini, L.: Characterization and pharmacological actions of tecostanine, an alkaloid of Tecoma stans

El-Shafae, A. M.; Ibrahim, M. A.: Bioactive kaurane diterpenes and coumarins from Fortunella margarita

Wen-Shu Wang; Kun Gao; Chun-Ming Wang; Zhong-Jian Jia: Cytotoxic triterpenes from Ligulariopsis shichuana

Helmstädter, A.: The history of electrotherapy of pain – or: what Voltaren® has to do with voltage

Short communications

Eyjolfsson, R.: Loratadine: hydroxymethylation in syrup

Güngör, S.; Bergisadi, N.: In vitro release studies on topical gel formulations of nimesulide

Gardavská, K.; Vitková, Z.; Cizmárik, J.: Study of local anaesthetics, part 161: Influence of additives upon the release of a potential drug of a group of esters of phenylcarbamic acids from a hydroxyethyl cellulose hydrogel

Maciuk, A.; Ghedira, K.; Thepenier, P.; Lavaud, C.; Zeches-Hanrot, M.: A new flavonol glycoside from leaves of Zizyphus lotus