DiePharmazie 2/2006

All the papers published in this issue were presented during the 5th Conference on Retrometabolism Based Drug Design and Targeting, May 8-11, 2005, Hakone, Japan.


Loftsson T, Konradsdóttir F, Másson M: Influence of aqueous diffusion layer on passive drug diffusion from aqueous cyclodextrin solutions through biological membranes

Original articles

Tóth-Sarudy Č, Tóth G, Pallagi I, Seres G, Vitális B, Tapfer M, Perczel V, Kurucz I, Bodor N, Zubovics Z: Preparation and biological effects of pure stereoisomeric novel soft anticholinergics

Moribe K, Pongpeerapat A, Tozuka Y, Yamamoto K: Drug nanoparticle formation from drug/HPMC/SDS ternary ground mixtures

Yeeprae W, Kawakami S, Suzuki S, Yamashita F, Hashida M: Physicochemical and pharmacokinetic characteristics of cationic liposomes

Thongborisute J, Takeuchi H, Yamamoto H, Kawashima Y: Properties of liposomes coated with hydrophobically modified chitosan in oral liposomal drug delivery

Yamaguchi Y, Nagasawa T, Kitagawa A, Nakamura N, Matsumoto K, Uchiwa H, Hirata K, Igarashi R: New nanotechnology for the guided tissue regeneration of skin - potential of lyotropic liquid crystals

Yamaguchi Y, Nakamura N, Nagasawa T, Kitagawa A, Matsumoto K, Soma Y, Matsuda T, Mizoguchi M, Igarashi R: Enhanced skin regeneration by nanoeggTM formulation of all-trans retinoic acid

Amon A, Pahl A, Szelenyi I: Can corticosteroids be beaten in future asthma therapy ?

Buchwald P, Juhász A, Bell C, Pátfalusi M, Kovács P, Hochhaus G, Howes J, Bodor N: Influence of the N-acetylation polymorphism on the metabolism of talampanel: An investigation in fasted and fed subjects genotyped for NAT2 variants

Masubuchi N: Risk assessment of human myelotoxicity of anticancer drugs: a predictive model and the in vitro colony forming unit granulocyte/macrophage (CFU-GM) assay

Sziráki I, Horváth K, Bodor N: Comparative evaluation of Estredox, a brain-targeted estradiol delivery system versus traditional estrogen replacement therapy

Higuchi Y, Kawakami S, Oka M, Yamashita F, Hashida M: Suppression of TNFa production in LPS induced liver failure in mice after intravenous injection of cationic liposomes/NF?B decoy complex

Mori N, Buchwald P, Wu WM, Ji F, Hochhaus G, Bodor N: Pharmacological effects of some newly developed soft anticholinergics and a receptor-binding QSAR study

Somogyi G, Posta J, Buris L, Varga M: Cyclodextrin (CD) complexes of cholesterol - their potential use in reducing dietary cholesterol intake

Oniciu DC, Pop E, Dasseux JL H, Mueller R, Yang J, Bell RPL, Regeling H, Ebbers EJ, Leemhuis FMC, Cramer CT, Goetz B, Pape ME, Bisgaier CL: Long hydrocarbon chain diols and diacids with central ether or ketone moieties that favorably alter lipid disorders

Tokés B, Száva J, Dusa S, Vintila A, Donáth-Nagy G, Gál G: Soft ligands - biodegradable complexants in plant cultivation and environmental protection


Short Communication

Kubo Y, Nakamura T, Iwata D, Kato Y, Tsuji A: Functional analysis of organic cation transporter OCTNs in mouse renal brush border membrane