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DiePharmazie 02/1996

Original Articles

Detert, H.; Seifert, R.; Schunack, W.: Cationic amphiphiles with G-protein-stimulatory activity: Studies on the role of the basic domain in the activation process

Boksa, J.; Klodzinska, A.; Charackieva-Minol, S.; Chojnacka-Wojcik, E.; Mokrosz, J. L.: Structure-activity relationship studies on CNS agents. Part 24: New analogs of N-tert.-butyl-3-(2-methoxyphenyl)-1-piperazinyl]-2-phenylpropanamie (WAY-1001135)

Easmon, J.; Heinisch, G.; Holzer, W.; Matuszczak, B.: On the synthesis of pyridazomycin congeners, part 2: L-à-Amino acids bearing a terminal azinium or diazinium system

Dimmock, J. R.; Puthucode, R. N.; Lo, M. S.; Quail, J. W.; Yang, J.; Stables, J. P.: Structural modifications of the primary amino group of anticonvulsant aryl semicarbazones

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Lenze, U.: The colour of à-naphtholbenzeine and its pH-dependence (in German)

Soltés, L.; Büschges, R.; Spahn-Langguth, H.; Mutschler, E.; Sébille, B.: An alternative high-performance liquid chromatographic arrangement for drug quality control

Hopkala, H.; Misztal, G.: Imipramine ion-selective membrane electrodes and their pharmaceutical applications

Nagy, M.; Grancai, D.: Colorimetric determination of flavanones in propolis

Norta, M.; Schöpke, T.: An in vitro perfusion model for the determination of absorption properties of drugs in isolated rat small intestine

Wolf, B.; Finke, I.; Schmitz, W.: The use of bead cellulose as carrier for controlled liberation of drugs, part 8: Controlled release of poor water-soluble drugs from composites with bead cellulose and hydrophilic solubilizers

Realdon, N.; Ragazzi, E.; Dal Zotto, M.; Ragazzi, E.: Kinetics of release and simulated absorption of methyl nicotinate from different ointment formulations: In vitro-in vivo correlations

Regdon, G.; Fazekas, T.; Regdon jr., G.; Selmeczi, B.: Formulation and in vitro examination of furosemide containing suppositories and preliminary experiences of their clinical use

Valenta, C., Bernkop-Schnürch; A.; Teltscher, C.: Nisin, a possible preservative in topical formulations (in German)

Short communications

Ilhan, E.; Ergenc, N.; Ulusoy, N.; Ötük-Sanis, G.: Synthesis ans antimicrobial investigations of some 4-arylideneamino-3- (à-à-diphenyl-à-hydroxymethyl-1,4-dihydro-5-1,2,4-triazo-5-thiones and 6-Arene-3-(à-à-diphenyl-à-hydroxymethyl) -7H-s-triazolo[3,4b][1,3,4]thiadiazines (in German)

Pecanac, D.; Karljikovic-Rajic, K.; Radulovic, D.: Copper(II)-tartrate system as a potential mobile phase additive for enantioseparation of some chiral pharmaceuticals

Szabo-Revesz, P.; Bognar, J.; Pintye-Hodi, K.; Kasa jr., P.; Erös, I.: The use of LudipressR in view of desintegration time and release of tablets (in German)

Bezakova, L.; Masterová, I.; Pauliková; I.; Psenak, M.: Inhibitory activity of Isorhamnetin glycosides from Calendula officinalis L. on the activity of lipoxygenase

Cuong, N. M.; Sung, T. V.; Kamperdick, C.; Adam, G.: Flavanoids from Carya tonkinensis

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