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DiePharmazie 02/1998


Pindur, U.; Lemster, T.: Antitumour drug design: DNA-binding ligands, which inhibit the toposiomerase I

Original Articles

Stroetmann, I.; Seitz, G.; Wanner, K. T.; Höfner, G.: Synthesis of novel pyrazolomorphinans and their binding to u - and - opioid-recptors

Sarac, S.; Yarim, M.; Ertan, M.; Boydag, S.; Erol, K.: Synthesis, chemical and pharmacological properties of some 4-aryl-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydroquinazoline-2,5-diones

Mekuskiené, G.; Gaidelis, P.; Vainilavicius, P.: Synthesis and properties of 5-(4,6,-diphenyl-2-pyrimidin-2-yl)-1,2,4-triazoline-3-thione and its derivatives (in German)

Paw, B.; Przyborowski, L.; Slawik, T.: Determination of flecainide acetate in tablets by HPLC and UV-spectrophotometry

Kristensen, S.; Nord, K.; Orsteen, A.-L.; Hjorth Třnnesen, H.: Photoreactivity of biologically active compounds, XIV: Influence of oxygen on light induced reactions of primaquine

Chuo, W. H.; Tsai, T. R.; Cham, T. M.: Investigation of the internal structure and release behaviour of tablets compressed by nifedipine-loaded albumin microspheres

Erös, I.; Sánta, Zs.: Solubilization experiments with salicylic acid, part 1: Study of the methods and the solubilizing agents

Khalfi, F.; Dine, T.; Gressier, B.; Luyckx, M.; Brunet, C.; Ballester, L.; Goudaliez, F.; Kablan, J.; Cazin, M.; Cazin, J.C.: Compatibility of cefpirome and cephalothin with PVC bags during simulated infusion and storage

Huang, Y.; Hall, I. H.: Antineoplastic and cytotoxic activity of ß-alkylamino-(para-substituted)propiophenone and ß-alkylamino-(6-methyl)-naphtone derivatives in murine and human tissue culture cells

Paruszewski, R.; Klodzinska, A.; Chojnacka-Wójcik, E.: Potential anxiolytic-like activity of some amino acid derivatives

Accounts of experience

Dolz, M.; Herráez, M.; Gonzáles, F.; Diez, O.; Delegido, J.; Hernández, M. J.: Flow behaviour of Carbopol-940reg. hydrogels. The influence of concentration and agitation time

Vega, S.; Diaz, J. A.; Darias, V.; Sanchez Mateo, C. C.; Albertos, L. M.: Antidepressant activity of new hetero[2,1]benzothiazepine derivatives

Short communications

Haensler, M.; Gerisch, S.; Jakubke, H.-D.: The application of modified -chymotrypsin to peptide synthesis in frozen aqueous systems

Martens-Lobenhoffer, J.; Behrens-Baumann, W.; Lösche, D.; Meyer, F. P.: Identification of a pill for eye-diseases from traditional Chinese medicine

Loftsson, T.; Másson, M.; Sigurdsson, H. H.; Magnússon, P.; Le Goffic, F.: Cyclodextrins as co-enhancers in dermal and transdermal drug delivery

Lambov, N.; Gesheva, K.: Biopharmaceutical evaluation of biodegradable cross-linked vephyline-malate microspheres

Milic-Askrabic, J.; Simovic, S.; Vuleta, G.; Vasiljevic, D.: The influence of oil content on physiochemical properties of emulsion gels based on Pemulenreg. TR-2 NF

Müller, S.; Chang-Sing-Pang, F. B.; Hochhaus, G.: Displacement of [3H]-L-glutamate in rat brain membranes by metabolic dynorphin fragments

Djurovic, D.; Milic--Askrabic, J.; Majkic-Singh, N.: Effect of fluvoxamine on the level of ß-endorphin in the sera and nervous tissue of rats

Ripperger, H.; Kamperdick, C.: First isolation of physalins from the genus Saracha of Solanaceae

Michael, H. N.; Salib, J. Y.; Ishak, M. S.: New genkwanin glycoside from Eucalyptus rostrata leaves

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