DiePharmazie 3/2000

All the papers published in this issue have ben preseneted during the 2nd Conference on Tetrometabolism based Drug Design and Targeting, May 11-14, Amelia Island, Florida, USA.



Bodor, N.: Recent advances in retrometabolic drug design and targeting approaches

Pop, E.: Water-soluble combinations of dexanabinol: prodrugs and analogs

Másson, M.; Loftsson, T.; Haraldsson, G. G.: Marine lipids for prodrugs, soft compounds and other pharmaceutical applications

Howes, J. F.: Loteprednol etabonate: a review of ophthalmic clinical studies


Original articles

Bodor, N.; Chin Moon, S.; Bruno-Blanch, L.: Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of prodrugs of valproic acid

Ji, F.; Huang, F.; Juhasaz, A.; Wu, W.; Bodor, N.: Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of soft glycopyrrolate and ist analog

Ueda, I.; Miyawaki, K.; Sugane, T.; Sakurai, Y.; Wada, Y.; Futai, M.: Cycloaromatization and DNA cleavage of novel non-conjugated aromatic enetetrayne systems

Buchwald, A.; Browne, C. E.; Wu, W.-M.; Ji, F.; Bodor, N.: Soft cannabinoid analogues as potential anti-glaucoma agents

Hashida, M.; Akamatsu, K.; Nishikawa, M.; Yamashita, F.; Yoshikawa, H.; Takakura, Y.: Design of polymeric prodrugs of PGE1 for cell-specific hepatic targeting

Bodor, N.; Drustrup, J.; Wu, W.: Effect of cyclodextrins on the solubility and stability of a novel soft corticosteroid, loteprednol etabonate

Buchwald, P.; Bodor, N.: Structure-based estimation of enzymatic hydrolysis rates and its application in computer-aided retrometabolic drug design

Imai, T.; Kawasaki, C.; Nishyama, T.; Otagiri, M.: Comparison of the pharmaceutical properties of sustained-release gel beads prepared by alginate having different molecular size with commercial sustained-release tablet

Derendorf, H.; Hochhaus, G.; Krishnaswami, S.; Meibohm, B.; Möllmann, H.: Optimized therapeutic ratio of inhaled corticosteroids using retrometabolism

Juhász, A.; Bodor, N.: Cardiovascular studies on different classes of soft drugs

Somogyi, G.; Jenei, E.; Szokol, J.; Buris, L.; Buris jr., L.; Nagy, D.; Pap, L.: Distribution of inorganic elements in human autopsy tissue


Short communications

Darvas, F.: Retrometabolism design concepts and realization for combinatorial libraries

Kurosaki, Y.; Ohkawa, Y.; Sasaki, K.; Nakayama, T.: Biopharmaceutical studies on drug/conjugated metabolite interactions: application of organic sulfonic compound as biodistribution promoters

Yamamoto, Y.; Matsushima, E.; Nagayama, S.; Fukushima, M.; Kawaguchi, Y.: New anti-cancer agent S-1: metabolism based drug combination

Tökés, B.; Ferencz, L.; Szakács, J.; Kelemen, L.; Darkó, B.: Retrometabolic approaches in phytobiochemistry