DiePharmazie 3/2003



El Ashry, E. S. H.; Rashed, N.; Salama, O. M.; Saleh, A.: Components, therapeutic value and uses of myrrh


Original articles

Orzesko, A.; Vilpo, J.; Kaminska, B.: Synthesis and anticancer activity of 5’-phthaloylnucleosides

Ahmed, B.; Khan, S. A.; Alam, T.: Synthesis and antihepatotoxic activity of some heterocyclic compounds containing the 1,4-dioxane ring system

Görlitzer, K.; Wichers, M.: Tetracyclic derivatives of diltiazem from aurones and thioaurones (in German)

Möhrle, H.; Breves, H.: Reactions of N-quaternary 1-phenyl-3,4-dihydroisoquinolinium compounds with nucleophiles – products and their isomerism – part 1 (in German)

Hu, Q. H.; Liang, W. Q.: A comparative study of electroporation and iontophoresis of percutaneous penetration of naproxen

Akkaramongkolporn, P.; Ngawhirunpat, T.: Dual ambroxal and chlorpheniramine resinate as an alternative carrier in concurrent resinate administration

Jürgenliemk, G.; Nahrstedt, A.: Dissolution, solubility and cooperativity of phenolic compounds from Hypericum perforatum L. in aqueous systems

Dannat, K.; Tillner, J.; Winckler, T.; Weiss, M.; Eger, K.; Dingermann, T.: Effects of medicinal compounds on the differentiation of the eukaryotic microorganism Dictyostelium discoideum: Can this model be used as a screening test for reproductive toxicity in humans?

Acartürk, F.; Parlatan, Z. I.: A comparative study on the rectal aminopeptidase enzymatic activities of different species

Liu, H. W.; Wang, S. L.; Cai, B.; Yao, X. S.: Two new non-steroidal constituents from Dioscorea futschauensis R. Kunth

Abdullah, S. T.; Ali, A.; Hamid, H.; Ali, M.; Ansari, S. H.; Alam, M. S.: Two new anthraquinones from the roots of Rubia cordifolia Linn.


Short communications

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Thierfelder, B.: Reaction of iminodibenzyl with 2,6-dichloro-1,4-benzoquinone-4-chlorimide (in German)

Eyjolfsson, R.: Ranitidine tablets: an improved dissolution method

Fu, X. C.; Liang, W. Q.; Ma, X. W.: Relationships between the release of soluble drugs from HPMC matrices and the physicochemical properties of drugs

Hamdan, I.: Comparative in vitro investigations of the interaction between some macrolides and Cu(II), Zn (II) and Fe(II)