DiePharmazie 3/2004


Original articles

Richwien, A.; Wurm, G.: Influence on the arachidonic acid cascade by 2-aryl-3-halogen/3-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinones with salicylic and cinnamic acid partial structures (in German)

Hanna, G. M.: NMR regulatory analysis: determination and characterization of chinese-herb aristolochic acids

Zecevic, M.; Minic, D.; Stojšic, D.; Živanovic, Lj.; Ivanovic, I.: Application of experimental design to the development of an HPLC method for the analysis of ochratoxin A in Triticum aestivum grain

Jedlicka, A.; Klimeš, J.; Grafnetterová, T.: Reversed-phase HPLC methods for purity test and assay of pioglitazone hydrochloride in tablets

Erk, N.: Spectrophotometric determination of indinavir in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations using bromocresol purple and bromothymol blue

Lindenstruth, K.; Müller, B. W.: Parameters with influence on the droplet size of w/o emulsions

Agrawal, G. P.; Juneja, M.; Agrawal, S.; Jain, S. K.; Pancholi, S. S.: Preparation and characterization of reverse micelle based organogels of piroxicam

Veerareddy, P. R.; Vobalaboina, V.; Nahid, A.: Formulation and evaluation of oil-in-water emulsions of piperine in visceral leishmaniasis

Szczesniak, M.; Kubis, A. A.: Influence of tensides on the release of medical agents from hydrophilic gels, part 2: The influence of selected tensides on hydrocortisone release from xerogels

He, Z. G.; Li, Y. S.; Zhang, T. H.; Tang, X.; Zhao, C.; Zhang, R. H.: Effects of 2-hydroxypropyl-ß-cyclodextrin on pharmacokinetics of digoxin in rabbits and humans

Hui Liu; Wei-San Pan; Ren Tang; Shun-De Luo: Topical delivery of different acyclovir palmitate liposome formulations through rat skin in vitro

von Woedtke, Th.; Haese, K.; Heinze, J.; Oloff, Ch.; Stieber, M.; Jülich, W.-D.: Sporicidal efficacy of hydrogen peroxide aerosol

Gupta, M.; Mahajan, A.; Babita; Gupta, S.; Tiwary, A. K.: Inhibition of skin sphingosine synthesis: enhanced percutaneous permeation of 5-fluorouracil

Mlinaric, A.; Kac, J.; Fatur, T.; Filipic, M.: Anti-genotoxic activity of the mushroom Lactarius vellereus extract in bacteria and in mammalian cells in vitro

Datta, B. K.; Datta, S. K.; Chowdhury, M. M.; Khan, T. H.; Kundu, J. K.; Rashid, M. A.; Nahar, L.; Sarker, S. D.: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and CNS depressant activities of sesquiterpenes and a flavonoid glycoside from Polygonum viscosum

El-Shazly, A. M.; Hafez, S. S.; Wink, M.: Comparative study of the essential oils and extracts of Achillea fragrantissima (Forssk.) Sch. Bip. and Achillea santolina L. (Asteraceae) from Egypt


Short communications

Knoth, H.; Electrochemical behaviour or pantoprazol (in German)

Zheng, C. H.; Liang, W. Q.; Yu, H. Y.; Chen, H. L.: Evaluation of different methods to determine the loading of proteins in PLGA microspheres

Baboota, S.; Dhaliwal, M.; Kohli, K.; Ali, J.: Molecular inclusion of rofecoxib with cyclodextrin: pharmacological properties in laboratory animals

Rana, J.; Ramzan, I.; Baker A. B.: Droperidol concentrations at onset of catalepsy in rats

Gao, J. Q.; Alexandre, L. S. ; Tsuda, Y. ; Katayama, K. ; Eto, Y.; Sekiguchi, F.; Mizuguchi, H.; Hayakawa, T.; Nakayama, T.; Yoshie, O.; Tsutsumi, Y.; Mayumi, T.; Nakagawa, S.: Tumor-suppressive activities by chemokines introduced into OV-HM cells using fiber-mutant adenovirus vectors

Rüster, G.-U.; Hoffmann, B.; Hamburger, M.: Inhibitory activity of indolin-2-one derivatives on compound 48/80-induced histamine release from mast cells