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DiePharmazie 03/1995


Pfeifer, S.: Pharmacokinetic drug interactions, part 1: Drugs A-C

Original Articles

Dlugosz, A.: Synthesis and biological acticity of pyrimidobenzodiazepine derivatives. New ring systems: triazolo- and tetrazolo-pyrimidobenzodiazepines

Bracher, F.; Hildebrand, D.: ß-Carboline alkaloids, part 6: Total synthesis of the phosphodiesterase inhibitor infractine (in German)

Hänsler, M.; Keilhack, H.; Jakubke, H.-D.: The application of the cysteine protease ficin in peptide synthesis in frozen aqueous solution (in German)

Mistal, G.; Przyborowski, L.: Determination of aprindine in human plasma using reversed phase HPLC

Loftsson, T.; Gudmundsdottir, T.K.; Fridriksdottir, H.; Sigurdardottir, A.M.: Thorkelsson, J.; Gudmundsson, G.; Hjaltason, B.: Fatty acids from cod-liver oil as skin penetration enhancers

Eisenmann, G.; Bauer, K.H.: Modified polyelektrolytes as solubilizers for parenteral adminstration (in German)

Holgado, M.A.; Fernández-Arevalo, M.; Gines, J.M.; Caraballo, I.; Rabasco, A.M.: Compatibility study between carteolol hydrochloride and table texcipients using differential scanning calorimetry and hot stage microscopy

Vitková, Z.; Gardavská, K.; Cizmárik, J.: Influence of glycerol propylene glycol and sorbitol on the surface tension, partition coefficient and diffusion of N-[2-(-pentyloxyphenylcarbamoyl-oxy)ethyl] piperidinium chlordie (Drug XIII)

Neugebauer, M.: Biotransformation of (+)-methamphetamine in the embyonated hen's egg (in German)

Clement, B.; Mladek, Ch: Investigations of biotransformation processes in the embyonated hen's egg, part 1: Biotransformation of 7-ethoxycoumarin (in German)

Möritz, K.-U.; Walter, R.; Franke, G.; Siegmund, W.: Circadian-time rhythm of hepatic protein kinase C of rats pretreated with phenobarbital

Benhura, M.A.N.: Sensitivity of DNA polymerase activities of Tetrahymena pyriformis to cytosine arabinoside triphosphate and N-ethylmaleiimide

Prosksa, B.; Fuska, J.: role of aliphatic acids in the biosynthesis of vermiculin in Penicillum vermicalatum

Helmstädter, A.: Instructions for German hospital pharmacists in the nineteenth century (in German)

Short communications

Boksa, J.; Duszynska, B.; Mokrosz, J.L.: Structure activity relationship studies of CNS agents, part 20: 9-{ -[1-(m-Chlorophenyl)-4-piperazinyl-]alkyl]-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-ß-carbolines New 5-HT1A and 5-HT2A receptor ligands

Dimmock, J.R.; Chamankhah, M.; Allen, T.M.; Halleran, S.: Mannich bases of 2-arylmethylenecyclohexanone with cytotoxic activity

El-Ablak, F.Z.; Etman, H.A.; Metwally, M.A.; Amer, F.A.: Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel aminopyrimidinedione and aminothiazolidindione derivatives

Jain, R.; Bansal, M.: A fascile synthesis and central nervous system activities of fluorine containing spiro-[3H-indole-3,4'(4H)-pyran]-2(1H)-ones

Dittgen, M.; Fricke, S.; Gerecke, H.; Osterwald, H.: Hot spin mixing - a new technology to manufacture solid dispersion, part 1: Testosterone

Mohammed, M.S.: Abdel-Hady, S.S.; Mahdy, M.A.; Mohammed, A.I.: Binding of pirprofen with serum albumin obtained from uremic patients

Hasan, C.M.; Islam, M.O.; Rashid, M.A.: Clerodane diterpene from Polyalthia longifolia var. pendulla

Chellal, A.; Lukasova, E.: Evidence for antibiotics in the two Algerien truffles Terfezia and Tirmania

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