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DiePharmazie 03/1996


Kopecky, F.: Micellization and other associations of amphiphilic antimicrobial quaternary ammonium salts in aqueous solutions

Original Articles

Paruszweski, R.; Rostafinska-Suchar, G.; Strupinska, M.; Jaworski, P.; Stables, J.P.: Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of some amino acid derivatives, part 1: Alanine derivatives

Shaker, R.M.: Synthesis and reactions of some new 4-H-pyrano[3,2-c]benzpyran-5-one derivatives and their potential biological activities

Weber, H.; Bresser, R.: Oxalhydrazides as oxidation products of analgesic pyrazolinones (in German)

Kamal El-Dean, A.M.; El-Sahef, H.S.: Synthesis of some imidazopyrazolopyrimidine derivatives

Aboul-Enein, H.Y.; Serignese, V.; Abou-Basha, L.I.; Bojarski, J.: Direct chiral HPLC separation of several barbiturates on a Chiralcel OJ column: Substituent effects on the enantioselectivity

Jelinska, A.; Zajac, M.: Effect of amino acids and amines on the stability of cefoperazone

Ammar, H.O.; Khalil, R.M.: Discrepancy among dissolution rates of commercial tablets as a function of dissolution method

Tuncel, T.; Bergisadi, N.; Akin, L.; ÷tuk, G.; Kuscu, I.: In vitro and in vivo studies on microcapsules and tabletted microcapsules of cephradine

Reymann, A.; Bunge, A.; Lšer, S.; Dietel, M.: Morphological and functional features of cytostatic drug resistance and the effects of MDR modulators (in German)

Sconzo, G.; Fasulo, G.; Romancino, D.; Casino, D.; Giudice, G.: Effect of retinoic acid and valproate on sea uchin development

Safak, C.; Simsek, R.; Erol, K.; Vural, K.: Analgesic and antiinflammatory effects of some 2-mercaptobenzoxazole derivatives

Khalil, R.M.; Murad, F.E.; Yehia, S.A.; El-Ridy, M.S.; Salama, H.A.: Free versus liposome-entrapped streptomycin sulfate in treatment of infections caused by Salmonella enteritidis

Cheng, D.-L.; Shao, Y.; Zhao, K.; Hartmann, R.; Roeder, E.: Pentapeptides from the roots of Aster tataricus

Abdallah, O.M.; Ibrahaim, Z.Z.: Chemical constituents of Piper cuneifolium, structure of a new neolignan

Short communications

Tarasiewicz, M.; Kuzmicka, L.: Determination of thioridazine by means of absorption spectrophotometry

Russeva, V.: New spectrophotometric test establishing drug/protein interaction

Fang, J.Y.; Tsai, Y.H.: Stability of nonivamide and sodium nonivamide acetate in solution at various pH values

Trotta, M.; Pattarino, F.; Gasco, M.R.: Behaviour of erythrocytes in the presence of monoalkylphosphates

Minkova, K.; Michailov, Y.; Toncheya-Panova, T.; Houbavenska, N.: Antiviral activity of Porphyridium curentum polysaccharide

Proska, B.; SturidikovŠ, M.; PronayovŠ, N.; Liptaj, T.: (-)-Usnic acid and its derivatives. Their inhibition of fungal growth and enzyme activity

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