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DiePharmazie 03/1997


Priewer, H.; Ullrich, F.: Potassium and magnesium retaining triamterene derivatives

Original Articles

Dimmock, J. R.; Kumar, P.; Allen, T. M.; Kao, G. Y.; Halleran, S.; Raizarin, J.; De Clerq, E.: Synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation of some carbohydrazones and thiocarbohydrazones of various unsaturated ketones and related Mannich bases

Unterhalt, B.; Jöstingmeier, R.; Sanatgar, A.: 7-Methyl-isochroman- and 7-methyl-isothiochroman-1-carboxylic acid and their derivatives (in German)

Shiba, S. A.; El-Khamry, A. A.; Shaban, M. E.; Atia, K. S.: Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some bis-quinazoline derivatives

Nitschmann, W.; Scheidl, H.; Schmid, W.; Strieder, G.: Synthesis and structure elucidation of hexetidin degradation products (in German)

Najman-Bronzewska, L.; Ochocki, J.: In vitro alkylation of ,ß-unsaturated amidoesters, diethyl pyridylmethyl-phosphonates and their cis-Pt(II)complexes

Braun, K.; Kuhl, P.: Papain-catalyzed esterification of N -protected amino acids and dipeptides with ethanol in different organic systems

Paruszewski, R.; Jaworski, P.; Tautt, J.; Dudkiewicz, J.: New renin inhibitors containing aliphatic or aromatic or amides at the C-terminus

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Bender, R.: Course of the color reaction between sulfanilamides, sodium hypochlorite and thymol (in German)

Neubert, R.; Raith, K.; Schiewe, J.: Capillary zone electrophoresis in skin fatty acid analysis

Nguyen, T. P.; Turmine, M.; Lettelier, P.; Gosselet, N. M.; Sebille, B.: Potentiometic study of the dextromethorphan/ß-cyclodextrin complex

Ionkova, I.; Karting, T.: Densitometric determination of cycloartane triterpene saponins from transformed root cultures of Astragalus mongholicus Bge.

Marciniec, B.; Bugaj, A.; Kedziora, W.: Kinetic studies of photodegradation of nitroimidazole derivatives in the solid state

Nakhare, S.; Vyas, S. P.: Multiple emulsion based systems for prolonged delivery of rifampicin: in vitro and in vivo characterization

Singhai, A. K.; Jain, S.; Jain, N. K.: Stability studies on aqueous injection of ketoprofen

Kalantzis, G.; Cauture, E.; Prinderre, P.; Joachim, G.; Joachim, J.: Relationship between formulation, compression strength and antacid activity: Application to magnesium carbonate-aluminium hydroxide tablets

Schöpke, Th.; Bartlakowski, I.: Effects of saponins on the water solubility of quercetin

Milynárová, R.; Rácanská, E.: Comparative studies on ß-adrenolytic potencies of some new phenoxy-aminopropanol derivatives and celiprolol

Hostacká, A.; Karelová, E.: Postantibiotic effect of norfloxacin and its influence on proflies of outer membrane proteins of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Andriamainty, F.; Filipek, J.; Devinsky, F.; Balgavy, P.: Effect of N,N-dimethylalkylamine N-oxides on the activity of purified sarcoplasmic reticulum (Ca-Mg)ATPase

Stano, J.; Nemec, P.; Bezáková, L.; Kovacs, P.; Kákoniova, D.; Neubert, K.; Lisková, D.: Invertase in immobilized cells of Papaver somniferum L.

Han-Xun Wie; Wen-Yun Gao; Yi-Jie Tian; Yu-Kun Guan; Ming-Hua Huang; Dong-Liang Cheng: A new eudesmane sesquiterpene and thiophene derivatives from the roots of Rhaponticum uniflorum

Hose, S.; Zänglein, A.; van den Berg, K.; Schultze, W.; Kubeczka, K.-H.; Czygan, F.-C.: Ontogenetic variation of the essential leaf oil of Melissa officinalis L.

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