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DiePharmazie 03/1998


Tarasiewicz, M.; Wolyniec, E.; Puzanowska-Tarasiewicz, H.: Analytical application of the reaction of 2,10-disubstituted phenothiazines with organic substances

Original Articles

Stanczak, A.; Lewgowd, W.; Pakulska, W.: Synthesis and biological activity of some 4-amino-3-cinnoline carboxylic acid derivatives, part 4: 2,4-Dioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimido[5,4-c]cinnolines

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Bender, R.: Course of the color reaction between 4-nitrobenzenesulphonamide, sodium hypochlorite and thymol (in German)

Petkovic, J.; Minic, D.; Koricanac, Z.; Jovanovic, T.: Determination of famotidine in pharmaceutical dosage forms

Oelschläger, H.; Abu-Khurmah, M.: Behaviour of naloxon [(-)]-17-allyl-4,5 -epoxy-3,14-hydroxymorphinan-6-one] at the dropping mercury electrode (in German)

Polásek, M.; Dolejsová, J.; Karlicek, R.: Flow-injection spectrophotometric determination of phenothiazines using analyte oxidation in managanese dioxide-packed reactors

Kroll, C.; Borchert, H.-H.: Solid phase microextraction (SPME) for sample preparation during drug metabolism studies (in German)

Wolf, B.: The use of bead celluloses as carrier for controlled delivery of drugs, part 10: Lipohilic coprecipitates of bead cellulose and fatty oils

Löffler, U.; Voss, Ch.; Moest, Th.: In vitro studies of enzyme release from dermal pharmaceutical products

Realdon, N.; Dal Zotto, M.; Ragazzi, E.; Dalla Fini, G.: Effects of alkyl silicones on drug release rates from suppositories with lipohilic excipients

Stefanska, J. Z.; Starosciak, B. J.; Orzesko, A.; Kazimierczuk, Z.: Antimicrobial activity of organic thiosulfates (Bunte salts)

Waisser, K.; Kunes, J.; Odlerová, Z.; Roman, M.; Kubicová, L.; Horak, V.: Antimycobacterial activity of 3'- and 4' - fluorothiobenzanilides

Hassanean, H. A.; Mohamed, M. H.: Novel oleanene saponins from Taverniera aegyptiaca Boiss

Short communications

Link, A.; Lescrinier, T.; Kerremans, L.; Rozenski, J.; Herdewijn, P.: Side reactions in solid phase peptide synthesis caused by sulfonyl-ornithine building blocks

Dimmock, J. R.; Pandeya, S. N.; Allen, T. M.; Kao, G. Y.: Mannich bases of arylalicyclic ketones and related quaternary ammonium compounds with antileukemic properties

Benli, P.; Tuncel, M.: Flow-injection analysis of ambroxol in pharmaceutical tablets

De Villiers, M. M.; Wurster, D. F.; Bergh, J. T. ; Narsai, K.: Stability indicating HPLC of the -hydroxy acids lactic and glycolic acid in non-ionic creams

Zelkó, R.; Antal, I.; Bihari, E.; Dredán, J.; Benkö, B.; Rácz, I.: Substrate-binder interactions in theophylline granules

Tasic, Lj.; Pintye-Hodi, K.; Stupar, M.; Kása jr., P.; Szabo-Revesz, P.: Compression study of paracetamol solid dispersion tablets

Fedina, L. T.; Zelkó, R.; Fedina, L. I.: Comparative evaluation of surfactants in relation to the optimal particle size of metered-dose inhalers

Singh, U. V.; Aithal, K. S. ; Udupa, N.: Inclusion complex of plumbagin with betacyclodextrin as evidenced by spectral data and molecular modelling

Bisio, A.; Fontana, N.; Romussi, G.; De Tommasi, N.: Diterpenes and triterpenes from Salvia aurea L., part 2: Constituents of Labiatae

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