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DiePharmazie 03/1999

Original Articles

Link, A.; Zaharevitz, D. W.; Kunick, C.: Antitumor pyrido[3,2-d][1]benzazepines: Synthesis and in vitro activity of thiophene analogs

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Bock, U.: 4-Dialkylamino-1,2-anthraquinone-1/2-arylhydrazones (in German)

Jülich, W.-D.; Ohme, R.; Alhitari, N.; Adrian, V.; Von Woedtke, Th.; Kramer, A.: Synthesis, antimicrobial efficacy, and tolerability of new structures of urea, hydrogen peroxide and tensides (in German)

Salman, A. S. S.: Synthesis and reaction of cyanopyridone derivatives and their potential biological activities

Selditz, U.; Copinga, S.; Grol, C. J.; Franke, J. P.; De Zeeuw, R. A.; Wikström, H.; Gyllenhaal, O.: Temperature effects on the chromatographic behaviour of racemic 2-amidotetralins on a Whelk-O 1 stationary phase in super- and subcritical fluid chromatography

Ajmani, P. S.; Attia, S.; Osifchin, M.; Regen, S.; Hughes, J. A.: A spermine-deoxycholic acid conjugate based lipid as a transfecting agent

Ellin, K. E.; Dietz,. H. P.; Wilson, D.; Rades, T.: Coarse dispersed systems as ultrasound contrast media

Fekete, R.; Marton, S.; Farkas, E.; Rácz, I.: Physical properties of pellets manufactured in the high shear mixer after optimizing the process parameters

Abd-El-Bary, A.; Geneidy, A.; Osman, A.; Shalaby, S.; Morshan, A.: Solid state stability of ketoprofen in the presence of different excipients

Ammar, H. O.; Ghorab, M.; Emara, L. H.; El-Nahhas, S. A.; Makram, T. S.: Inclusion complexation of furosemide in cyclodextrins, part 2: Implication on bioavailability

Freise, J.; Köhler, S.: Peppermint oil/caraway oil-fixed combination in non-ulcer dyspepsia. Equivalent efficacy of the drug combination in an enteric coated or enteric soluble formulation (in German)

Nebois, P.; Cherkaoui, O.; Benameur, L.; Boitard, M.; Bartoli, M.-H.; Fillon, H.: In vitro cytotoxic activity of naphto[1,2-b]furan, furo[2,3-f], furo[2,3-g] and furo[3,2-g]quinoline derivatives

Opitz, M.; Pachaly, P.; Sin, K. S.: New polar ingredients from Asiasarum sieboldii (in German)

Account of Experience

Mittner, A.; Vincze, Z.; Jemnitz, K.: Stability of cyclophosphamide containing infusions

Short communications

Ghorab, M. M.; Heiba, H. I.; Amin, N. E.: Synthesis and biochemical screening of some new quinolino[3,2-c]oxazines

Ayhan-Kilcigil, G.; Bozdag, O.; Tuncbilek, M.; Altanlar, N.; Ertan, R.: Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of flavone-6-carboxaldehyde oxime ether derivatives

Simsek, R.; Kelicen, P.; Safak, C.; Akgün, H.; Demirdamar, R.: Some azolythioacetamides and their analgesic and antiinflammatory activities

Gadjeva, V.; Raikov, Z.: Syntheses and antitumor activity of 4-{N'-[N- (2-chloroethyl) - N-nitrosocarbamoyl]hydrazono} -2,2,6,6-tetramethylpperidine-1-oxyl

Rajbhandari, M.; Schöpke, Th.: Antimicrobial activity of some Nepalese medicinal plants

Jahodár, L.; Dusková, J.; Polásek, M.; Papugová, P.: Different kinetics of hydroquinone depletion in various medicinal plant tissue cultures producing arbutin

Ang'edu, C. A.; Schmidt, J.; Porzel, A.; Gitu, P.; Midiwo, J. O.; Adam, G.: Coumarins from Hypericum keniense (Guttiferae)

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