DiePharmazie 4/2000



El Ashry, E.S.H.; Rashed, N.; Shobier, A.H.S.: Glycosidase inhibitors and their chemotherapeutic value, part 1


Original articles

M. Abdel-Megid: Nitrogen bridgehead compounds, facile synthesis of bioactive cyanopyrimido[1,2-a]pyrimidones

Mishriky, N.; Ibrahim, Y.A.; Girgis, A.S.; Fawzy, N.G.: Synthetic approaches towards benzo[h]quinoline-3-carbonitriles

Görlitzer, K.; Kramer, C.: Reactions of 4,5-dihydro-4-oxo-1H-pyrido[3,2-b]indol-2-carboxylic acid esters (in German)

Canudas, N.; Moulinier, J.; Zamora, D.; Sánchez, A.: Photobiological properties of nabumetone (4-[6-methoxy-2-naphthalenyl]-2-butanone), a novel non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent

Gräfe, K.A.; Hoffmann, H.: Development and validation of an indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug S-ibuprofen

Seeling, A.; Oelschläger, H.; Rothley, D.: Important pharmceutical-chemical characateristics of the centrally acting muscle relexant chlormezanone (in German)

Genc, L.; Oguzlar, C.; Güler, E.: Studies on vaginal bioadhesive tablets of acyclovir

Ren, G.; Zhang, X.-W.; Chen, F.: Predicting color kinetics during red Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) preparation

Cserháti, T.; Forgács, E.: Charge-transfer chromatographic study of the interaction of antibiotics with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide

Yan, Y.-K.; Cho, S.E.; Shaffer, K.A.; Rowell, J.E.; Barnes, B.J.; Hall, I.H.: Cytotoxicity of rhenium(I) alkoxo and hydroxo carbonyl complexes in murine and human tumor cells

Ahmed, M.; Amin, S.; Islam, M.; Takahashi, M.; Okuyama, E.; Hossain, C.F.: Analgesic principle from Abutilon indicum

Hassanean, H.A.; Ibraheim, Z.Z.; Takeya, K.; Itorawa, H.: Further quinoidal derivtives from Rubia cordifolia L.


Short communications

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Bender, R.: Reaction of frusemide, quimethazine and hydrochlorothiazide with thymol and sodium hypochlorite (in German)

Özkul, A.; Öztunc, A.: Determination of maprotiline in tablets by ion-pair extraction using bromtyhmol blue

Berrabah, M.; Andre, D.; Verite, P.; Zahdi, A.; Lafont, O.: Preparation and evaluation of benzyl benzoate loaded poly-e- caprolactone nanoparticles

Berkó, S.; Regdon, G.jr.; Erös, I.: Influencing of pH change on drug release from rectal suppositories

Mshvildadze, V.; Favel, A.; Delmas, F.; Elias, R.; Faure, R.; Decanosidze, G.; Kemertelidze, E.; Balansard, G.: Antifungal and antiprotozaoal activities of saponins from Hedera colchica

Melikoglu, G.; Mericli, A.H.: Flavonoids of Crataegus stevenii