DiePharmazie 4/2003


Original articles

Dimmock, J. R.; Jha, A.; Zello, G. A.; Allen, T. M.; Santos, C. L.; Balzarini, J.; de Clercq, E.; Manavathu, E. K.; Stables, J. P.: Cytotoxic 4’-aminochalcones and related compounds

Alagarsamy, V.; Meena, S.; Vijayakumar, S.; Ramseshu, K. V.; Revathi, R.: Synthesis and pharmacological investigation of some novel 2,3-disubstituted quinazolin-4(3H)-ones as analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents

Cizmáriková, R.; Racanská, E.; Hrobonova, K.; Lehotay, J.; Ŕghová, Z.; Halešová, D.: Synthesis, pharmacological activity and chromatographic separation of some novel potential ß-blockers of the aryloxyaminopropanol type

Kastner, P.; Klimeš, J.; Láznícek, M.; Jira, Th.: HPLC assay in plasma and preliminary pharmacokinetic study of a quinazolinone derivative with spasmolytic effect

Starczewska, B.; Jasinska, A.; Bialous, B.: Study and analytical application of ion-pair formation in the system fluoxetine-pyrocatechol violet and fluvoxamine-pyrocatechol violet

Stanisz, B.: Kinetics of degradation of quinapril hydrochloride in tablets

Sim, Y. C.; Nam, Y. S.; Shin, Y.-H.; Shin, E.; Kim, S.; Chang, I.-S.; Rhee, J.-S.: Proteolytic enzyme conjugated to SC-glucan as an enzymatic transdermal drug penetration enhancer

Kincl, M.; Bibic, R.; Veber, M.; Vrecer, F.: Development and optimization of the drug release determination of iron from iron prolonged release tablets

Maloplepsza-Jarmolowska, K.; Kubis, A. A.; Hirnle, L.: Studies on gynaecological lactic acid preparations, part. 5: The use of Eudragit® E-100 as lactic acid carrier in intravaginal tablets

Pabón, A.; Blair, S.; Carmona, J.; Zuleta, M.; Saez, J.: Evaluation of the mutagenicity of antimalarial products isolated from Solanum nudum (Solanaceae)

Rajbhandari, M.; Wegner, U.; Schöpke, T.; Lindequist, U.; Mentel, R.: Inhibitory effect of Bergenia ligulata on influenza virus A

Chowdhury, R.; Rashid, R. B.; Sohrab, M. H.; Hasan, C. M.: 12a-Hydroxystigmast-4-en-3-one: a new bioactive steroid from Toona ciliate (Meliaceae)

Nickavar, B.; Amin, Gh.; Salehi-Sormagi, M. H.: Anatomical study on Vaccinium arctostaphylos L.

Staiger, C.; Friedrich, C.: Two editors in dialog. The example of Justus von Liebig (1803-1873) and Johann Bartholomäus Trommsdorff (1770-1837) and their letters (in German)


Short communications

Krishna Kumar, M.; Jayasagar, G.; Chandrasekhar, K.; Ashok, T.; Madhusudan Rao, Y.: Validated HPLC method for the determination of ranitidine in human serum and its application in a clinical pharmacokinetic study

Thorgeirsdóttir, T. Ň.; Thormar, H.; Kristmundsdóttir, T.: Effects of polysorbates on antiviral and antibacterial activity of monoglyceride in pharmaceutical formulations

Wiesner, J.; Ortmann, R.; Mitsch, A.; Wißner, P.; Sattler, I.; Jomaa, H.; Schlitzer, M.: Inhibitors of farnesyltransferase: 5-arylacryloyl-aminobenzophenones show antimalarial activity