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DiePharmazie 04/1995


Pfeifer, S.: Pharmacokinetic drug interactions, part 2: Drugs D-O

Original Articles

Plotkowiak, Z.; Popielarez-Brzezinska, M.; Borkowska, M.; Plocienniczak, T.:
Methods of mezlocillin analysis in presence of breakdown products

Kesselhut, J.-F.; Bauer, K.H.: Development and characterization of dextran fatty acid esters as excipients for colon-targeting dosage forms (in German)

Ammar, H.O.; El-Nahhas, S.A.: Improvement of some pharmaceutical properties of drugs by cyclodextrin complexation, 2. Colchicine

Duru, C.; Gaudy, D.; Neye, N.; Rizk, S.; Jacob, M.; Puech, A.: A new tablet disintegrating agent, Xanthan SM: Formulation and drug release studies

AcikgŲz, M.; Kas, H.S.; Hascelik, Z.; Milli, ‹.; Hincal, A.A.: Chitosan microspheres of diclofenac sodium, II: in vitro and in vivo evaluation

Abdallah, O.M:; Ibraheim, Z.Z.: Sesquiterpene lactones from Pluchea dioscoridis

Ahmed, A.A.; Hussein, N.S.; De Adams, A.A.; Mabry, T.J.: Abietane diterpenes from Lepechinia urbaniana

Chalchat, J.C.; Gorunovic, M.S.: Chemotaxonomy of pines native to the Balkans, part 2: Illyrian black pine Pinus nigra Arnold ssp. nigra (Arn., Hayek,), Pinaceae according to location, plant part and age of speciments

Metz, H.: One hundred years of biotechnology in the chemical industry - by the example of E. Merck, Darmstadt (in German)

Short communications

Kulinski, T.; Tkaczynski, T.: Synthesis of 1-[2-(4-phenylpiperanzinyl-1)ethyl]imidazolidine derivatives and their pharmacological activity

Alabdalla, M.A.; Gupta, R.R.: One pot synthesis of 7-phenoxy-4H-1,4-benzothiazines

Muhr, P.; Michelitsch, A.; Likussar, W.; Schubert-Zsilavecz, M.: An easy access to pure digitonin and digalonin (in German)

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Lenze, U.: Evidence for the chemical structure of ŗ- naphtholbezeine (in German)

Kobow, M.; Sprung, W.-D.; Schulz, E.; Facklam, Ch.; Michalik, M.: Synthesis of some hydroxyphenylamino acid ester hydrochlorides (in German)

Koricanac, Z.; Jovanovic, T.; Stankovic, B.: Amperometric determinatoin of captopril in dosage form

Atmaca, S.: Fluorimetric determination of fluoxetine hydrochlordie

Nikolic, K.; Stankovic, B.; Bogavac, M.: Coulometric determination of ranitidine hydrochloride

SvicekovŠ, HavrŠnek, E.: Determination of heavy metals in samples of plant drugs by differential pulse polarography

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