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DiePharmazie 04/1996

Original Articles

Yunsheng Huang; Hall, I.H.: Synthesis and hypolipidemic evaluation of ß-alkylaminopropiophenone and ß-alkylaminopropio-2'-napthone derivatives in rodents

Görlitzer, K.; Ewert, H.-J.: Synthesis and reactions of 3'-aza-nifedipine (in German)

Paruszewski, R.; Rostafinska-Suchar, G.; Strupinska, M.; Jaworski, P.; Winiecka, I.; Stables, J.P.: Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of some amino acid derivatives, part2: Derivatives of Gly, Ala, Leu, Pro, Trp, Phe(4Cl), Ala(ŕ-Me)

Arrieta, A. F.: On the UV/VIS-spectral behaviour of beta-dicarbonyl and -tricarbonyl compounds with dimethylamino phenyl substitution. A contribution to the understanding of curcumin's color (In German)

Fischer, U.; Wacke, R.; Stange, J.; Nitschke, F. P.; Drewelow, B.: Rapid HPLC assay for verapamil and its metabolites: use for application to in vitro studies

Du Preez, J. L.; Lötter, A. P.; Guillory, J. K.: Kinetics and mechanism of degradation of the heterocyclic cage compound NGP1-01 in aqueous solution

Zajac, M.; Muszalska, I.; Nogowska, M.; Siwek, J.: Kinetics of hydrolysis of cetriaxone in aqueous solutions

Oubrahim H.; Cantin-Esnault, D.; Richard, J.-M.: Novel methods for identification and quantification of the mushroom nephtroxtin orellanine, part 1: Development of ESR, electrophoresis and quantitiative TLC methods

Pluta, J.; Grimling, B.; Paradowski, L.: Adsorption of sulfasalzin on sucralfat in vitro

Jain, N. K.; Singhai, A. K.; Jain, S.: Hydrotropic solubilization of ketoprofen

Malecka, K.; Kubis, A.: Studies on dressings for mucosa of the oral cavity, part 3: Effect of preparation technology on the physical and chemical properties of stomatological xerogel dressings

Andriamainty, F.; Filipek, J.; Kovács, P.; Balgavy, P.: Effect of local anesthetics [2-(alkyloxy)phenyl]-2-(1-piperidinyl)ethyl esters of carbamic acid on the activity of purified sarcoplasmic reticulum (Ca-Mg)ATPase

Stano, J.; Bezáková, L.; Kovács, P.; Kákoniová, D.; Lisková, D.: ŕ-Galactosidase in immobilized plant cells

Short communications

Beyrich, Th.; Grünert, R.; Jira, Th.: Catalytic effects of cyclodextrins on the hydrolysis of nitrobenzoic acid nitrophenyl esters (in German)

Görlitzer, K.; Wilpert, C.: On the synthesis of thieno[3,2-b:4,5-b']bis-1,4,-diazepine (in German)

Milan, C. E. P.; De Villiers, M. M.; Handford, J. S.; Swanepoel, E.: HPLC determination of closantel in multi-component anthelmintic suspensions and tablets

Tatar, S.; Atmaca, S.: Simultaneous determination of ethinyl estradiol and norgestrel in tablets by first-derivative ultraviolet spectrophotometry

Zhebentyaev, A.I.; Zhernosek, A.K.: Extraction-spectrophotometric determination of berberine sulfate in tablets using eosin as a reagent

Jain, R.; Jain, S. C.; Arora, R.: A new cholestane derivative and bioactivity of Abutilon bidentatum Hochst.

Kulevanova, S.; Ristic, M.; Stafilov, T.; Ristov , T.: Composition of the essential oil from Thymus alsarensis Ronn. growing in Macedonia

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