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DiePharmazie 04/1997


Vyas, S. P.; Jaitely, V.; Kanaujia, P.: Self-assembling supramolecular biovectors: a new dimension in novel drug delivery systems

Original Articles

Kreimeyer, A.; Magor, E.; Nickel, P.: Suramin analogues with a 2-phenylbenzimidazole moiety as partial structure 1. Carboxylic acid analogues

Palagiano, F.; Bonina, F. P.; Montenegro, L.; Biondi, A.; Sorrentino, L.; Capasso, A.; De Caprariis, P.: Synthesis, stability and anticonvulsant activity of two new GABA prodrugs

Sofan, M. A.: Synthesis of some new pyrrolo heterocycles: condensation of 4-carbomethoxy-1-methyl-2,3-dioxopyrrolidine with primary amines

Pawlowski, M.; Katlabi, J.; Rys, B.; Szneller, E.: New tricyclic theophylline derivatives. Reaction of 8-benzylaminotheophylline with ethyl 2,3-dibromopropanoate

Aly, A. A.; Hassan, A. A.; Mohamed, N. K.; Mourad, A.-F. E.: A new synthesis of quinoxaline, imidazolidine, indole and carbazole derivatives

Zajac, M.; Stasiuk, E.: Stability of dithranol in the solid phase

Bergh, J. J.; Breytenbach, J. C.; Breet, E. L.: Kinetics and pH profile of thermal decomposition of trimethoprim in aqueous solution

Thoma, K.; Kübler, N.: Photodegradation of antimycotic drugs 2. Communication: Photodegradation of polyene antibiotics (in German)

Dietze, F.; Arrieta, A. F.; Zimmer, U.: pKa stability constants and UV/VIS spectral behaviour of selected curcumin analogues

Hopkala, H.; Drozd, J.; Zarieba, S.: Chlorprothixene ion-selective membrane electrodes development and application in pharmaceutical analysis

Aslan, A.; Erdogan, Y.; Demirbas, A.; Karslioglu, S.: Potentiometric titration of some dicarboxylic acids in non-aqueous media

Erös, I.; Takács-Wormsdorff, T.: Drug liberation from polymer-hydrogels, part 1: Kinetics of the process

Del Carmen Monedero Perales, M.; Munoz-Ruiz, A.; Victoria Velasco Antequera, M.; Rosa Jiménez-Castellanos Ballesteros, M.: Consolidation parameters of malthodextrins obtained from compression-decompression fixed stress rate

Hostacká, A.: Influencing virulence factors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa by commercially manufactured disinfectants

Stano, J.; Kovács, P.; Psenák, M.; Gajdos, J.; Erdelsky, K.; Kákoniová, D.; Neubert, K.: Distribution of dipeptidyl peptidase IV in organs and tissue cultures of poppy plants Papaver somniferum L. cv. Amarin

Kokkalou, E.; Gabrieli, C.: A new phenylpropanoid glycosie and two flavones from Sideritis raeseri Bois. et Heldr.

Short communications

Lamberth, C.: Intramolecular C-glycosylation of a novel carbohydrate-derived phosphinite

Unterhalt, B.; Baudner, S.; Langfermann, C.: Development of a sandwich assay for the determination of thaumatin (talin) (in German)

Wehner, W.: Analysis of organic volatile impurities in captopril and other active ingredients

Kover, T.; Csoka, I.; Erös, I.: Formation and stability of multiple phase (w/o/w) emulsions, part 2: Relationship between primary interface saturation and formation

Vargas, F.; Fuentes, A.: Evidence of formation and participation of singlet oxygen in the in vitro photoxicity of the combined diuretic triamterene and hydrochlorothiazide

Bisio, A.; Romussi, G.; Ciarallo, G.; De Tommasi, N.: Flavonoids and triterpenoids from Salvia blepharophylla Brendegee ex Epling (in German)

Fontana, N.; Romussi, G.: Triterpenoids, steroids and flavonoids from Quercus virginiana (in German)

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