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DiePharmazie 04/1998


Wätzig, H.: Accessible knowledge about the effectiveness of homoeopathic therapy

Original Articles

Marona, H.; Gorka, Z.; Szneler, E.: Aminoalkanolic derivatives of xanthone with potential antiepileptic activity

Elassar, A. Z. A. A.: Synthesis of new polyfunctionally substituted pyrans and their transformation into pyridine derivatives

Briel, D.: Synthesis of thieno-heterocycles from substituted 5-methylthio-thiophen-4-carbonitriles (in German)

Unterhalt, B.; Bause, G.: Heterocyclic Mannich bases related to furfenorex (in German)

Sedereviciute, V.; Garaliene, V.; Vainilavicius, P.; Hetzheim, A.: Synthesis and cardiotonic activity of pyrazolylpyrimidines (in German)

Görlitzer, K.; Weltrowski, I.-M.; Wright, A.: By-products from the reaction of morphine with formaldehyde in acidic solution (in German)

Raggi, M. A.; Schiavone, P.; Mandrioli, R.; Bugamelli, F.; Frabetti, F.; Marini, M.: Spectrophotometric determination of thiols in human lymphocytes

Oelschläger, H.; Knoth, H.: Polarographic analysis of omeprazol formulations (in German)

Surmann, J. P.: Standard addition: Best experimental conditions for precision optimization (in German)

Coiffard, C.; Coiffard, L. J. M.; De Roeck-Holtzhauer, Y.: Accelerated storage test applied to commercial forms of aspartam

Plotkowiak, Z.; Popielarz-Brzezinska, M.; Matuszewska-Ptak, E.; Kondarewicz, M.: Effect of temperature and humidity on the stability of epicillin in the solid state

Iglesias, R.; Taboada, C.; Garcia-Justo, M. E.; Souto, C.; Martinez-Pacheco, R.; Gómez-Amoza, J. L.; Concheiro, A.: Development of controlled-release bilayer tablets for the joint delivery of furosemide and triamterene

Balogh, E.; Csóka, G.; Rácz, I.: Interaction phenomena in solutions containing methyl p-hydroxybenzoate and auxiliary substances

Ahuja, A.; Khar, R. K.; Chaudhry, R.: Evaluation of buccoadhesive metronidazole tablets: microbiological response

Möritz, K.-U.; Walter, R.; Leopold, K.; Hadasová, E.; Engel, G.; Siegmund, W.: Interferon- and streptolysin O-induced activation of protein kinases and inhibition of cytochrome P450-dependent monooxygenases in rats

Short communications

Dogrukol-Ak, D.; Tunalier, Z.; Tuncel, M.: TLC densitometric determination of omeprazole in pharmaceutical preparations

Siatka, T.; Solich, P.; Kotyk, R.: Flow injection analysis of coumarins in cell suspension cultures of Angelica archangelica

Orbán, Ŕ.; Bihari, E.; Dredán, J.; Zelkó, R.; Greskovits, D.; Rácz, I.: Comparative evaluation of coated pellets produced by different fluidized bed equipments

Simovic, S.; Milic-Askrabic, J.; Vuleta, G.; Stupar, M.: Physicochemical properties of emulsion gels with different concentrations of the polymeric emulsifier Pemulenreg. TR-1 NF

Oertel, R.; Schwarz, U.; Kirch, W.: In vitro investigations of the interactions of talinolol with different erythromycin preparations and substances (in German)

Repcak, M.; Eliasová, A.; Ruscancinová, A.: Production of herniarin by diploid and tetraploid Chamomilla recutita

Petereit, F.; Sakar, M. K.; Nahrstedt, A.: Flavan-di-O-gallates and further polyphenols from Sedum stoloniferum

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