DiePharmazie 5/2000



El Ashry, E.S.H.; Rashed, N.; Shobier, A.H.S.: Glycosidase inhibitors and their chemotherapeutic value, part 2


Original articles

Kiec-Kononowicz, K.; Wiecek, M.; Sasse, A.; Ligneau, X.; Elz, S.; Ganellin, C. R.; Schwartz, J.-C.; Stark, H.; Schunack, W.: Importance of the lipophilic group in carbamates having histamine H3-receptor antagonist activity

El-Emary, T. I.; Hussein, A. M.; El-Kashef, H. S.: New polycyclic azines derived from pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridine

Tuncbilek, M.; Ayhan-Kilcigil, G.; Ertan, R.; Can-Eke, B.; Iscan, M.: Synthesis and antioxidant properties of some new flavone derivatives on lipid peroxidation in the rat liver

Pacual-Marti, M. C.; Llobat-Estellés, M. ; Roig-Marco M. I. : Determination of caffeine in pharmaceutical preparations by the linear absorbances method

Grosse Düweler, K.; Rohdewald, P.: Urinary metabolites of French maritime pine bark extract in humans

Másson, M.; Thorsteinsson, T.; Sigurdsson, T. H.; Loftsson: Lipohilic metronidazole derivatives and their absorption through hairless mouse skin

Realdon, N.; Ragazzi, Eug.; Ragazzi, Enr.: Effect of drug solubility on the in vitro availability rate from suppositories with lipophilic excipients

Lederer, M.; Leipzig-Paganini, E.: Dextrin as excipient in pharmaceutical preparations

Harkenthal, M.; Layh-Schmitt, G.; Reichling, J.: Effect of Australian tea tree oil on the viability of the wall-less bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae

Ali, M.; Ravinder, E.; Ramachandram, R.: New ursane-type triterpenic esters from the stem bark of Thevetia peruviana


Short communications

Pawelczyk, E.; Plotkowiak, Z.; Helska, M.: Kinetics of thermal decomposition of talampicillin hydrocloride in the solid state

Kulevanova, S.; Stefova, M.; Stafilov, T.: HPLC identification and determination of flavone aglycones in Helichrysum plicatum DC. (Asteraceae)

Proksa, B.; Proksová, A.: Separation of (R,S)-mexiletine by capillary zone electrophoresis and preparative resolution of mexiletine racemate with (R)- or (S)-mandelic acid

Deák, D.; Pintye-Hódi, K.; Szabó-Révész, P.; Kása jr., P.; Erös, I.; Muskó, Zs.: Mathematical evaluation of the dissolution of metronidazole from tablets

Vlahov, A.; Volf, D.: Poikilothermia induced by a 2-furancarboxylic acid derivative

Kitanov, G. M.; Nedialkov, P. T.: Xanthohypericoside, a new xanthone-O-glucoside from Hypericum annulatum