DiePharmazie 5/2001



Šubert, J.; Šlais, K.: Progress in the separation of enantiomers of chiral drugs by TLC without their prior derivatization


Original articles

Bruno, A. M.; Asis, S. E.; Gaozza, C. H.: Bis-naphthylureas and related compounds: synthesis, chemical properties, DNA affinity and antineoplastic activity

Goswami, D.; Sen, S.; De, A. U.: Possible antineoplastic agents, part 15: Synthesis, biological activity and quantitative structure activity relationship of substituted-2-(4’methoxybenzenesulphonamido) glutaric acid analogs against Ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Al-Soud, Y. A.; Al-Masoudi, N. A.: Synthesis and antitumor activity of some new phthalimide analogues

El-Gendy, Z.; Morsy, J. M.; Allimony, H. A.; Abdel-Monem Ali, W. R.; Abdel-Rahman, R. M.: Synthesis of heterobicyclic nitrogen systems bearing the 1,2,4-triazine moiety as anti-HIV and anticancer drugs, part III

Malinka, W.: Synthesis of some pyrrolo[3,4-d]pyridazinones and their preliminary anticancer, antimycobacterial and CNS screening

Vashishta, S.C.; Allen, T.M.; Halleran, S.; Szydlowski, L.; Santos, C. L.; De Clercq, E.; Balzarani, J.; Dimmock, J. R.: Cytotoxic and anticancer properties of some 4-aryl-3-arylcarbonyl-1-ethyl-4-piperidinols and related compounds

Nazzal, S.; Zaghloul, A. A.; Reddy, I. K.; Khan, M. A.: Analysis of ubidecarenone (CoQ10) aqueous samples using reversed phase liquid chromatography

Kubalec, P.; Brandštetterová, E.: Column-switching chromatographic determination of itraconazole and its metabolite hydroxy-itraconazole in human serum

Görlitzer, K.; Badia, G.; Jones, P. G.: Identification of sodium cromoglicate by colour reactions (in German)

Tantishaiyakul, V.: Prediction of Caco-2 cell permeability using partial least squares multivariate analysis

Pabón, A.; Lopera, T.; Jarmona, J.; Blair, S.: Evaluation of mutagenic activity of several antimalarial extracts from Eupatorium inulaefolium

El-Sayed, K. A.: A pseudoguaiane sesquiterpene xylopyranoside from Echinops hussoni

Meriçli, A. H.; Meriçli, F.; Desai, H. K.; Ilarslan, R.; Ulubelen, A.; Pelletier, S. W.: Diterpenoid alkaloids from Delphinium virgatum Poiret

Shu-Fang Wang; Shuo Li; Zhi-Gang Li; Yu Li: Triterpenoids and other compounds from Salvia roborowskii Maxim


Short communications

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Bender, R.: Reaction of 2-/4-amino benzenesulphonamide structures with thymol/sodium hypochlorite (in German)

Spilková, J.; Bednar, P.; Štrobliková, R.: Capillary electrophoretic analysis of hydroxycinnamic acids from Ononis arvensis L.

Rana, J.; Ramzan, I., Baker, A. B.: In vitro neuromuscular effects of droperidol in rats

Pande, V.; Shukla, P. K.: Rhamnazin-4’-O-ß-[apiosyl(1® 2] glucoside as a means of antioxidative defense against tetrachloromethane induced hepatotoxicity in rats

Bielawska, A.; Bielawski, K.; Wolczynski, S.: DNA-binding properties and cytotoxicity activity of novel aromatic amidines in cultured human skin fibroblasts

Bracher, F.; Krauss, J.; Laufer, S.: Effects of natural products containing acylresorcinol partial structures on cyclooxygenases and 5-lipoxygenase

Simko, F.; Martinka, P.; Brassanova, J.; Klimas, J.; Gvozdjakova, A.; Kucharska, J.; Bada, V.; Hulin, I.; Kyselovic, J.: Passive cigarette smoking induced changes in reactivity of the aorta in rabbits: effect of captopril