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DiePharmazie 05/1996

All the contributions in this issue are dedicated to Professor Dr. Karl Thoma, Munich, on the occasion of his 65th birthday.


Lindner, W. D.; Möckel, J. E.; Lippold, B. C.: Controlled release of drugs from hydrocolloid embeddings

Original Articles

Jira, Th.; Junghänel, J.; Theiss, R.; Kottke, K.; Besch, A.; Schopplich, Ch.; Bunke, A.; Leuthold, J.; Beyrich, Th.: Synthesis and HPLC-separation of atropisomeric and central chiral 3-aryl-2-mercapto- and 3-aryl-2-alkylthio-4(3H)-quinazolinone derivatives on chiral stationary phases, part I: Synthesis (in German)

Priewer, H.; Ullrich, F.; Herzfeld, C. D.; Kleinsorge, D.; Mutschler, E.: Solubility and distribution coefficient of potassium and magnesium retaining triamterene derivates

Stenz, R.; Bauer, K. H.: A new physiologically approached in vitro test for quick evaluation of the hemolytic activity of surfactants

Kuhnert-Brandstätter, M.; Burger, A.: Phase diagrams of urea inclusion compounds, part 1: Palmitic acid and urea

Leimbach, J.; Rupprecht, H.: Structure of surface aggregates of tetradecylpyridinium ions on porous silicas in the presence of nitrate and salicylate counterions

Beck, G.; Nürnberg, E.: Consistency testing of topically applied systems by penetration measurements (in German)

Gebre-Mariam, T.; Schmidt, P. C.: Characterization of enset starch and its use as a binder and disintegrant for tablets

Te Wierik, G. H. P.; Ramaker, J.; Eissens, A. C.; Bergsma, J.; Arends-Scholte, W.; Lerk, C. F.: High surface area starch products as filler-binder in direct compression tablets

Krumme, M.; Schwabe, L.; Frömming, K.-H.: Development of computerised procedures for the characterisation of the tableting properties with eccentric machines, part 1: Integrated system for evaluation of tableting data

Rácz, I.; Antal, I.; Plachy, J.: Formulation of controlled release drug preparations with antacid effect

Gröning, R.; Berntgen, M.: Estimation of the gastric residence time of magnetic dosage forms using the Heidelberg capsule

Muranishi, S.; Fujita, T.; Murakami, M.; Yamamoto, A.: Lymphatic transfer of macromolecules after intrapulmonary administration in the presence or absence of various absorption enhancers in rats

Gröning, R.; Braun, F.-J.: Threedimensional solubility parameters and their use in characterising the permeation of drugs through the skin

Hehn, B.; Moll, F.: Phonophoretic permeation of procaine hydrochloride through cell monolayer (in German)

Gröning, R.; Kuhland, U.: Use of a tube reservoir system for the pulsed release of nitroglycerin from transdermal plasters

Regdon jr., G.; Schirm, S.; Regdon sen., G.: Formulation and in vitro study of theophylline containing suppositories

Krasowska, H.; Krowczynski, L.: The effect of inclusion complexation and surface active agent addition on suppository release characteristics of ketoprofen and fenbufen

Ganzerli, G.; Van Santvliet, L.; Verschuren, E.; Ludwig, A.: Influence of beta-cyclodextrin and various polysaccarides on the solubility of fluorescein and on the rheological and mucoadhesive properties of ophthalmic solutions

Bogdanova, S.; Dimova, T.; Atanassova, M.: Model aqueous dipersions of isopropylantipyrine, solvent deposited on hydrophillic organic polymer carriers

Account of Experience

Temple, D. J.: Establishing the world list of schools of pharmacy

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