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DiePharmazie 05/1997


Vyas, S. P.; Venugopalan, P.; Sood, A.; Mysore, N.: Some approaches to improve bioavailability of peptides and proteins through oral and other mucosal routes

Original Articles

Habib, N. S.; Rida, S. M.; Badawey, E. A. M.; Fahmy, H. T. Y.; Ghozlan, H. A.: Synthesis and biological investigations of some novel thiazolylbenzimidazoles, and benzimidazolyl-thiazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidines

Shaban, M. A. E.; Iskander, M. F.; El-Badry, S. M.: Synthesis of acyclo-C-nucleosides: 2-(alditol-1-yl)-5-methylthio- and 5-benzylthio-1,3,4-thiadiazoles

Bockhard, H.; Oelschläger, H.; Pooth, R.: Fast detection of the nootropic drug piracetam in biological fluids (in German)

Thoma, K.; Kübler, N.; Reimann, E.: Photodegradation of antimycotic drugs. 3. Communication: Photodegradation of topical antimycotics (in German)

Adel, M. S.; Geneidi, A. S. ; Ali Shoukri, R.; Saad, I.: In vitro evaluation of flutamide-carrier systems, part 1: Preparation and evaluation of flutamide systems with polyvinyl pyrrolidone and polyethylene glycol 4000 and 6000

Ammar, H.O.; El-Nahhas, S. A.; Emara, L. H.: Improvement of some pharmaceutical properties of drugs by cyclodextrin complexation. 7. Trimethoprim

Blazsó, G.; Gábor, M.; Rohdewald, P.: Antiinflammatory activities of procyanidin-containing extracts from Pinus pinaster Ait. after oral and cutaneous application

Kulevanova, S.; Ristic, M.; Stafilov, T.; Dorevski, K.; Ristov, T.: Composition of essential oils of Thymus tosevii ssp. tosevii and Thymus tosevii ssp. substriatus from Macedonia

Bodesheim, U.; Hölzl, J.: Isolation and receptor binding properties of lignans from Valeriana officinalis L. (in German)

Helmstädter, A.: Equipment and stocks of a German hospital pharmacy in the nineteenth century (in German)

Short communications

Mahboobi, S.; Pongratz, H.; Wiegrebe, W.: Preparation of the alkaloid setigerine

Gliesing, S.; De La Calle, D.; Reichenbächer, M.; Böse, M.: Determination of tamoxifen hydrogencitrate in tablets by means of HPLC with an UltraSep ES Pharm RP8 column (in German)

Altiokka, G.; Tuncel, M.: Differential pulse polarographic deterimination of prazosin hydrochloride in tablets

Cizmárik J.; Lehotay, J.; Hromuláková, K.; Pokorná, M.; Lacuska, M.: HPLC separation of enantiomers of carbisocaine. Study of local anaesthetics, part: 138

Vyas, S. P.; Singh, R.; Dimitrijevic, D.: Development and characterization of nifedipine lipospheres

Dedik, L.; Durisová, M.: New general formulas for estimation of mean residence time and its variance. (Software mentioned in the text:

Narsai, K.; De Villiers, M. M.; Du Plessis, J.: Preformulation study using Differential Scanning Calorimetry to determine the compatibility of -hydroxy acids

Kosar, K.; Opletal, L.; Vokác, K.; Harmatha, J.; Sovová, M.; Cerovsky, J.; Krátky, F.; Dvorák, J.: Embryotoxicity of 20-hydroxyecdysone and polypodine B from Leuzea carthamoides DC.

Guzy, J.; Cisar, M.; Barnová, E.; Benes, L.: Protective effect of stobadine on isoproterenol premedicated rabbits

Sokolik, J.; Blahová, M.; Zemlicka, M.; Mlynarcik, D.: Antimicrobial activity of pseudohalogeno(N-salicylidene--alaninato)cuprates(III)

Stefanova, Z.; Nikolova, N.; Dimov, T.; Michailov, Y.; Neychev, H.: Effect of Oxadinreg. on phagocytosis and hydrogen peroxide production

Scheibler, P.: Effects of aloin and some structure-related anthracene, anthracenone, and anthraquinone derivatives on lipid peroxidation in rat brain cortex homogenates

Chopra, N.; Sarwar Alam, M.; Ali, M.; Niwa, M.: A novel tirucallane triterpene from Adiantum venustum

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