DiePharmazie 6/2001


Original articles

Schappach, A.; Höltje, H.-D.: Molecular modelling of 17a -hydroxylase-17,20-lyase

Wiesner, J.; Mitsch, A.; Wissner, P.; Jomaa, H.; Schlitzer, M.: Structure-activity relationship of novel anti-malarial agents: 1. arylacyl and cyclohexylacyl derivatives of 5-amino-2-tolylacetylaminobenzophenone

Unterhalt, B.; Heppert, U.: Isochromans related to fluoxetin (in German)

Möhrle, H.; Niessen, R.: Ring cleavage of N-arylpyridinium salts by nucleophiles – regioselectivity and stereochemistry of the products – part 2 (in German)

Heinicke, K.; Thiel, W.: Analytical data and physicochemical properties of 1-(4-chlorphenyl)-4-morpholino-imidazolin-2-one, AWD 131-138 (in German)

Miethe, G.; Surmann, J. P.: Determination of histamine in trypsine by capillary zone electrophoresis – a possible alternative to the bioassay?

Petry, R. D.; González Ortega, G.; Silva, W. B.: Flavonoid content assay: influence of the reagent concentration and reaction time on the spectrophotometric behavior of the aluminium chloride – flavonoid complex

Otter, K.; Mignat, C.; Heber, D.; Ziegler, A.: Pharmacokinetics of morphine 3-esters after oral administration in rabbits

Claussen, S., Böse, M.; Dittgen, M.: X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetry combined with infrared analysis of freeze-dried prednisolone hemisuccinate

Lippold, B. C.; Monells Pagés, R.: Control and stability of drug release from diffusion pellets coated with the aqueous quaternary polymethacrylate dispersion Eudragit® RS 30 D

Vandervoort, J.; Ludwig, A.: Preparation factors affecting the properties of polylactide nanoparticles: a factorial design study

Dahse, H.-M.; Schlegel, B.; Gräfe, U.: Differentiation between inducers of apoptosis and non-specific cytotoxic drugs by means of cell analyser and immunoassay

Aruna, R.; Jagetia, G. C.: Azidothymidine induces dose dependent increase in micronuclei formation in cultured HeLa cells

Stanczak, A.; Pakulska, W.; Pietrzak, B.; Lewgowd, W.: Comparison of pharmacophore cinnoline and quinoline systems on the basis of computer calculation and pharmacological screening of their condensed systems

Jabbar, S.; Khan, M. T. H.; Choudhuri, M. S. K.: The effects of aqueous extracts of Desmodium gangeticum DC. (Leguminosae) on the central nervous system

Ploss, O.; Petereit, F.; Nahrstedt, A.: Procyanidins from the herb of Hypericum perforatum