DiePharmazie 6/2002


Original articles

Orús, L.; Sáinz, Y.; Pérez, S.; Oficialdegui, A. M.; Martinez, J.; Lasheras, B.; Del Río, J.; Monge, A.: New 3-[4-(aryl)piperazin-1-yl]-1-(benzo[b]thiophen-2-yl)propane derivatives with dual action at 5-HT1A serotonin receptors and serotonin transporter as a new class of antidepressants

Nyasse, B.; Nkwengoua, E.; Sondengam, B.; Denier, C.; Willson, M.: Modified berberine and protoberberines from Enantia chlorantha as potential inhibitors of Trypanosoma brucei

Görlitzer, K.; Fabian, J.; Jones, P. G.; Frohberg, P.; Drutkowski, G.: Pyridazino[3,4-c]quinolines – synthesis and investigation of lipoxygenase inhibition (in German)

Camarda, L.; Di Stefano, V.; Schillaci, D.: Atractyligenine chemistry, part VI: Synthesis and biological activities of atractyligenine derivatives

Khan, M. S. Y.; Gupta, M.: Synthesis, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity of new hexahydropyrimidine derivatives

Soubh, L.; Besch, A.; Otto, H.-H.: Synthesis and properties of N-substituted saccharin derivatives

Hilp, M.: 1,3-Dibromo-5,5-dimethylhydantoin (DBH) as oxidant and precipitant for drug identification according to PH.EUR.

Schmidt, T.; Vogt, T.; Surmann, J.-P.; Kössler, W.: Glass classification by linear discriminant analysis of LA-ICP-MS data

Vargas, F.; Fraile, G.; Velásquez, M.; Correia, H.; Fonseca, G.; Marín, M.; Marcano, E.; Sánchez, Y.: Studies on the phtostability and phototoxicity of aloe-emodin, emodin and rhein

Canudas, N.; Contreras, C.: Isolation and identification of the photodegradation products of the photosensitising antidepressant drug clomipramine. Phototoxicity studies on erythrocytes

Tan, P. V.; Nyasse, B.; Dimo, T.; Wafo, P.; Akahkuh, B. T.: Synergistic and potentiating effects of ranitidine and two new anti-ulcer compounds from Enantia chlorantha and Voacanga africana in experimental animal models

Blair, S.; Mesa, J.; Correa, A.; Carmona-Fonseca, J.; Granados, H.; Sáez, J.: Antimalarial activity of neurolenin B and derivates of Eupatorium inulaefolium (Asteraceae)

Filipic, M.; Umek, A.; Mlinaric, A.: Screening of Basidiomycete mushroom extracts for antigenotoxic and bioantimutagenic activity

Dimo, T.; Tan, P. V.; Dongo, E.; Kamtchouing, P.; Rakotonirina, S. V.: In vitro vascular smooth muscle contractile activity of Aspilia africana extract on rat aortic preparations

Furmanowa, M.; Nosov, A. M.; Oreshnikov, A. V.; Klushin, A. G.; Kotin, M.; Starosciak, Sliwinska, A.; Guzewska, J.; Bloch, R.: Antimicrobial activity of Polyscias filicifolia cell biomass extracts

Ulubelen, A.; Meriçli, A. H.; Meriçli, F.; Kolak, U.; Arfan, M.; Ahmad, M.; Ahmad, H.: Norditerpenoid alkaloids from the roots of Aconitum leave Royle


Short communications

De Souza, M. M.; Corręa, R.; Cechinel Filho, V.; Grabchev, I.; Bojinov, V.: 4-Nitro-1,8-naphthalimides exhibit antinociceptive properties

Lobstein, A.; Yepes, Y.; Um, B. H.; Weniger, B.; Lugnier, C.; Anton, R.: Bioactive compounds from Leycesteria formosa