DiePharmazie 6/2004



Sinha, V. R.; Goyel, V.; Trehan, A.: Radioactive microspheres in therapeutics

Original articles

Seifert, S.; Stehl, A.; Tilotta, M. C.; Gündisch, D.; Seitz, G.: Novel enantiopure ferrugininoids active as nicotinic agents: Synthesis and radioligand binding studies

Bachar, S. C.; Lahiri, S. C.: Synthesis of chloro and bromo substituted 5-(indan-1’-yl)tetrazoles and 5-(indan-1’-yl)methyltetrazoles as possible analgesic agents

Görlitzer, K.; Gabriel, B.; Frohberg, B.; Wobst, I.; Drutkowski, G.; Wiesner, J.; Jomaa, H.: Thieno[2,3-c]quinolines – synthesis and biological investigation (in German)

Görlitzer, K.; Meyer, H.; Jomaa, H.; Wiesner, J.: [1]Benzofuro[3,2-b] pyridine-4-yl-amines – synthesis and investigation of activity against malaria (in German)

Goppel, M.; Franz, G.: Stability control of valerian ground material and extracts: a new HPLC-method for the routine quantification of valerenic acids and lignans

Erk, N.; Altuntas, T. G.: Comparison of derivative spectrophotometric and liquid chromatographic methods for the determination of rofecoxib

Brustugun, J.; Kristensen, S.; Hjorth Tønnesen, H.: Photostability of epinephrine – the influence of bisulfite and degradation products

Tegtmeyer, S.; Reichl, S.; Müller-Goymann, C. C.: Cultivation and characterization of a bovine in vitro model of the cornea

Neubert, R. H. H.; Pötzsch, A.: Liberation of hydrocortisone acetate from different commercial formulations (in German)

Kalaivani sailaja, J. B.; Balasubramaniyan, V.; Nalini, N.: Effect of exogenous leptin administration on high fat diet induced oxidative stress

Iwasa, K.; Kuribayashi, A.; Sugiura, M.; Nishiyama, Y.; Ichimaru, M.; Mariyasu, M.; Lee, D-U.: Bioconversion studies in cultured cells of Corydalis species

Hussein, S. A. M.: Flavonoid and methoxyellagic acid sodium sulphates from Frankenia laevis L.

Shu-Hua Qi; Da-Gang Wu; Si Zhang; Xiao-Dong Luo: Constituents of Carapa guianensis Aubl. (Meliaceae)


Short communications

Khan, S. A.: Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate increases hepatic ubiquinone-9 in male F-344 rats

Nyasse, B.; Nono, J.; Sonke, B.; Denier, C.; Fontaine, C.: Trypanocidal activity of bergenin, the major constituent of Flueggea virosa, on Trypanosoma brucei