DiePharmazie 6/2016



Lang C, Staiger C: Tyrothricin – An underrated agent for the treatment of bacterial skin infections and superficial wounds?

doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.6038

Original articles

Yadan Wang, Yi He, Zhong Dai, Shuangcheng Ma: Simultaneous determination of five triterpenoid saponins in different parts of Lonicera macranthoides by RRLC-MS/MS method
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.6012


Kilian D, Lemmer HJR, Gerber M, du Preez JL, du Plessis J: Exploratory data analysis of the dependencies between skin permeability, molecular weight and log P
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.5170


Bin Zhang, Aiying Xue, Chen Zhang, Jinlong Yu, Wen Chen, Deqing Sun: Bile salt liposomes for enhanced lymphatic transport and oral bioavailability of paclitaxel
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.5184


Li X, Müller RH, Keck CM, Bou-Chacra NA: Mucoadhesive dexamethasone acetate-polymyxin B sulfate cationic ocular nanoemulsion – novel combinatorial formulation concept
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.5190


Nagai K, Fukuno S, Suzuki H, Konishi H: Higher gene expression of CYP1A2, 2B1 and 2D2 in the brain of female compared with male rats
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.6523


Chen M, Qu BX, Chen XL, Hu HH, Jiang HD, Yu LS, Zhou Q, Zeng S: Construction of HEK293 cells stably expressing wild-type organic anion transporting polypeptide 1B1 (OATP1B1*1a) and variant OATP1B1*1b and OATP1B1*15
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.6501


Zhi-Wei Yang, Fei Wu, Sheng-Li Zhang: Effects of ganoderic acids on epileptiform discharge hippocampal neurons: insights from alterations of BDNF, TRPC3 and apoptosis
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.5889


Xiaomei Li, Jun Liang, Ying-Xun Liu, Yuming Wang, Xiao-Hui Yang, Bao-Hongluan, Gui-Ling Zhang, Juan Du, Xia-Hong Wu: Knockdown of the FoxM1 enhances the sensitivity of gastric cancer cells to cisplatin by targeting Mcl-1
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.5850


Mitani Y, Usami E, Kimura M, Nakao T, Okada K, Matsuoka T, Kokuryou T, Yoshimura T, Yamakawa M: Risk factors for neutropenia with lenalidomide plus dexamethasone therapy for multiple myeloma
doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.5888


Helmstädter A: Ethnopharmacology in the work of Melville William Hilton-Simpson (1881-1938) – historical analysis and current research opportunities

doi: 10.1691/ph.2016.6533