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DiePharmazie 06/1999


Vyas, S. P.; Sihorkar, V.; Kanaujia, P.; Jaitely, V.; Venkatesan, N.: Therapeutic and clinical regimens against Helicobacter pylori infections in humans: an overview

Original Articles

Avramova, P. D.; Danchev, N. D.; Buyukliev, R. T.: Synthesis, toxicological and pharmacological assessment of morpholinooximes

Hess, U.; Brosig, H.; Komenda, J.: Electrochemical synthesis of isocyanides and 1,n-diisocyanides (in German)

Reimann, E.; Erdle, W.; Unger, H.: Selective catalytic hydrogenations and hydrogenolyses, part VII: stereoselective synthesis of 1-acyl-2,3-dihydro-2-carbalkoxy-1H-indole acetic acid esters (in German)

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Bock, U.: 6-/7-Methoxy-1,2-naphthoquinone-chromophores (in German)

Weitschies, W.; Cardini, D.; Karaus, M.; Trahms, L.; Semmler, W.: Magnetic marker monitoring of esophageal, gastric and duodenal transit of non-disintegrating capsules

Proksa, B.: Capillary zone electrophoretic separation of (R,S)-metipranolol and related substances

Milka, P.; Krest, I.; Keusgen, M.: Development of an alliin-biosensor

Meler, J.; Pluta, J.: Influence of auxiliary substances on the critical micellar concentration of Tweens®

Malolepsza-Jarmolowska, K.; Kubis, A.: Studies on gynecological hydrophilic lactic acid preparations, part 2: Effects of Eudragit® E-100 on properties of methylcellulose gels

Ramirez, A.; Fresno, M. J.; Jiménez, M. M.; Selles, E.: Rheological study of Carbopol® UltrezTM 10 hydroalcoholic gels, I: Flow and thixotropic behavior as a function of pH and polymer concentration

Patel, V. B.; Misra, A. N.; Marfatia, Y. S.: A topical dosage form of liposomal clofazimine: research and clinical implications

von Woedtke, Th.; Schlüter, B.; Pflegel, P.; Lindequist U.; Jülich, W.-D.: Aspects of the antimicrobial efficacy of grapefruit seed extract and its relation to preservative substances contained

Kavutcu, M.; Melzig, M. F.: In vitro effects of selected flavonoids on the 5'-nucleotidase activity

Harkenthal, M.; Reichling, J.; Gleiss, H.-K.; Saller, R.: Comparative study on the in vitro antibacterial activity of Ausralian tea tree oil, cajuput oil, niaouli oil, manuk oil, kanuka oil, and eucalytus oil

Krogh, R.; Kroth, R.; Berti, C.; Madeira, A. O.; Souza, M. M.; Cechinel-Filho, V.; Delle-Monache, F.; Yunes, R. A.: Isolation and identification of compounds with antinociceptive action from Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. Br.

Short communications

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Bock, U.: 7-Alkylamino-1,2-anthraquinones (in German)

Galand, N.; Pothier, J.; Mason, V.; Viel, C.: Separation of flavonoids and anthocyanins in plant extracts by Overpressured Layer Chromatography

Kraiczek, S.; Unterhalt, B.: Enzyme immunoassay for the determination of fluoxetine (in German)

Fritzsch, B.; Neubert, R. H. H.; Dongowski, G.; Giessler, J.: Influence of nutrition factors forming stable mixed micelles on permeation of quinine in vitro studied by the everted sac technique

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