DiePharmazie 7/2003



Schulz, M.; Schmoldt, A.: Therapeutic and toxic blood concentrations of more than 800 drugs and other xenobiotics

Original articles

Ferlan, A.; Pecar, S.; Schara, M.: Dithranol reaction with nitroxide radicals in DMSO, a HPLC study

Fijalek, Z.; Soltyk, K.; Lozak, A.; Kominek, A.; Ostapczuk, P.: Determination of some micro- and macroelements in preparations made from peppermint and nettle leaves

Rojkovicová, T.; Lehotay, J.; Cizmárik, J.: Kinetic study of derivatives of phenylcarbamic acid enantiomers in rabbit blood serum using an on-line coupled column liquid chromatographic system

Glasl, S.; Mucaji, P.; Werner, I.; Jurenitsch, J.: TLC and HPLC characteristics of desacetylmatricarin, leucodin, achillin and their 8a-angeloxy-derivatives

Erk, N.: Rapid and sensitive HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of dorzolamide hydrochloride and timolol maleate in eye drops with diodearray and UV detection

Avula, B.; Manyam, R. B.; Bedir, E.; Khan, I. A.: HPLC analysis of neo-clerodane diterpenoids from Teucrium chamaedrys

Montenegro, L.; Bucolo, C.; Puglisi, G.: Enhancer effects on in vitro corneal permeation of timolol and acyclovir

Al-Behaisi, S.; Antal, I.; Morovján, Gy.; Marton, S.; Klebovich, I.: The effect of oil as a dietary component on in vitro dissolution of an acid labile drug

Chrzanowska, M.; Kuehn, M.; Hermann, T.; Neubert, R. H. H.: Biopharmaceutical characterization of some synthetic purine drugs

Buszman, E.; Rózanska, R.: Interaction of quinidine, disopyramide and metoprolol with melanin in vitro in relation to drug-induced ocular toxicity

Subapriya, R.; Kumaraguruparan, R.; Chandramohan, K. V. P.; Nagini, S.: Chemoprotective effects of ethanolic extract of neem leaf against MNNG-induced oxidative stress

Farruque, R.; Chowdhury, R.; Sohrab, M. H.; Hasan, C. M.; Rashid, M. A.: Triterpene constituents from the leaves of Melicope indica

Short communications

Xiaohong Wei, Wenquan Liang: Formula optimization based on neural networks in sustained release tablets

Hayder, N.; Kilani, S.; Abdelwahed, A.; Mahmoud, A.; Meftahi, K.; Ben Chibani, J.; Ghedira, K.; Chekir-Ghedira, L.: Antimutagenic activity of aqueous extracts and essential oil isolated from Myrtus communis