DiePharmazie 7/2004


Sá del Fiol F, Gerenutti M, Groppo FC: Antibiotics and pregnancy

Original articles

Görlitzer K, Trittmacher J, Jones PG: Diphenyl derivatives as by-products from the synthesis of 4-aryl-4H-pyrans (in German)

Weseler A, Geiss HK, Saller R, Reichling J: A novel colorimetric broth microdilution method to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of antibiotics and essential oils against Helicobacter pylori

Rosenblatt KM, Bunjes H, Seeling A, Oelschläger H: Investigations on the thermal behavior of omeprazole and other sulfoxides

Zimmermann E, Souto EB, Müller RH: Physicochemical investigations on the structure of drug-free and drug-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNTM) by means of DSC and 1H NMR

Schlosser T, Suess WG: Comparative study of the degradation of polylactide and polytartrate implants in vitro

Tirnaksiz F, Robinson JR: Rheological, mucoadhesive and release properties of Pluronic F-127 gel and Pluronic F-127/polycarbophil mixed gel systems

Nagy J, Folhoffer A, Horvath A, Csak T, Taba G, Szenthmihályi K, Szalay F, Zelko R: Kinetic study of zinc sulphate release from lipophilic matrices prepared for the therapy of Wilson's disease

Jouyban A, Khoubnasabjafari M, Acree WE jr.: Mathematical representation of solute solubility in binary mixture of supercritical fluids by the Jouyban-Acree model

Gadjeva V, Kuchukova D, Tolekova A, Tanchev S: Beneficial effects of spin-labelled nitrosourea on CCNU-induced oxidative stress in rat blood compared with vitamin E

Xiao-Yu Zhang, De-cheng Bai, Yong-Jie Wu, Wen-Guang Li, Nai-Fa Liu: Proanthocyanidin from grape seeds enhances anti-tumor effect of doxorubicin both in vitro and in vivo

Zheng Qiusheng, Zhang Yuntao, Zheng Rongliang, Guo Dean, Li Changling: Effects of verbascoside and luteolin on oxidative damage in brain of heroin treated mice

Vahdati-Mashhadian N, Rakhshandeh H, Omidi A: An investigation on LD50 and subacute hepatic toxicity of Nigella sativa seed extracts in mice

Dimo T, Ntchapda F, Atchade AT, Yewah MP, Kamtchouing P, Ngassam P: Effects of methylene chloride/methanol leaf extract of Celtis durandii Engler (Ulmaceae) on constriction of rat aorta

Yong-Hong Zhang, Yan-Lin Wang, Qing-Yi Wei, Yu-Jun Cai, Qin Wang, Zhong-Li Liu: Diterpenoids from the Chinese herb Caryopteris terniflora and their antibacterial and antitumor activity

Min Yang, Ji-Xin Li, Xin Li, Zhong-Jian Jia: Sesquiterpenes and other constituents from Achillea wilsoniana

Vrondeli A, Kefalas P, Kokkalou E: A new alkaloid from Narcissus serotinus L.