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DiePharmazie 07/1995

Original Articles

Li, Q.; Shao, H.W.; Jiang, H.L.; Xie, Y.Y.: Studies on the antitumor 2,6-piperazinediones: Synthesis of 2,3-diacetoxy-4-carbomethoxy-(3',5'-dioxo-N4' substituted piperazinyl methyl)benzene

Dimmock, J.R.; Kumar, P.; Chen, M.; Quail, J.W.; Yang, J.; Allen, T.M.; Kao, G.Y.: Synthesis and cytotoxic evaluation of mesna adducts of some 1-aryl-4,4-dimethyl-5-(1-piperidino)-1-penten-3-one hydrochlorides

Pawlowski, M.; Drabzynska, A.; Gorczyca, M.; Malec, D.; Modzelewski, J.: Chemical and pharmacological properties of new tetrahydropyrimido-[2,1-f]-purines

Attia, A.; Abo-Ghalia, M.H., Abd El-Salam, O.I.: Synthesis of 3,5-disubstituted pyridines as antimicrobial agents

Gajewska, M.; Pawinski, T.; Dzierzgowska-Szmidt, A.; Kazimierczuk, Z.: Spectrofluorimetric determination of 2-chloro-2'-deoxyadenosine (cladribine) in human plasma by photochemical reaction and chloracetaldehyde derivatization

Pencheva, I.; Iovchev, I.; Naidenova, E.: Quantitative determination of esculin and rutin in drugs by derivation spectrophotometry

Matschiner, S.; Wegener, M.; Rettig, W.; Neubert, R.: Characterization of ion pair formation between erythromycin and lipophilic counter ions

Dashevsky, A.N.; Bucar, F.; Karting, T.: Investigations on the adsorption of quercetin on a medicinal carbonic adsorbent - controlled release and stability

Rizk, S.; Duru, C.; Sabatier, R.; Jacob, M.; Puech, A.: Granulation process contribution to scleroglucan hydrophilic matrix formulation

Celebi, N.; Kislal, Ö.: Development and evaluation of a buccoadhesive propranolol tablet formulation

Reillo, A.; Cordoba, M.; Escalera, B.; Selles, E.; Cordoba, M.: Prediction of sulfamethizole solubilitiy in dioxane-water mixtures

Torrado-Santiago; Torrado, J. J.; Cadoringa, R.: Effect of different excipients on release characteristics of acetylsalicylic acid from compressed pellets

Kallioninen, S.; Helenius, K.; Yliruusi, J.: Structure of non-ionic emulsion creams studied by thermoanalytical methods

Hermes, R.; Bauer, K. H.: Preparation and characterization of amphiphilic membranes with lyotropic mesophases for simulation of skin permeation resistance (in German)

Gallova, J.; Cizmarik, J.; Balgavy, P.: Biphasic effect of local anesthetic and ß-blocker heptacaine on fluidity of phosphatidylcholine bilayers as detected by ESR spin probe method

Kosáry, J.; Stefanovits-Bányai, E.; Cseke, E. M.; Novák-Fodor, M.; Boross, L.: The effect of environmental pollution on the function of enzymes of active skeleton muscle, part 1: An adequate method to study the effect of metal ions on the activity of phosphofructokinase

Unnikrishnan, M. K.; Rao, M. N. A.: Inhibition of nitrite induced oxidation of hemoglobin by curcuminoids

Schmeller, T.; Sporer, F.; Sauerwein, M.; Wink, M.: Binding of tropane alaloids to nicotinic and muscarinic acetylcholine receptors

Accounts of experience/Letters to the editor

Scheibler, P.; Poelchen, W.; Schramek, C. H. J.: Analytical comparison of "paraffin"-labelled high toxic lamp oils with paraffinum perliquidum (DAB 10) (in German)

Kartnig, Th.; Hörsten, D. V.; Lassnig, Ch.; Classen, B.: The application of microware energy in preparing medicinally used plant drugs, part 2 (in German)

Short communications

Mgonzo, R.; Geronikaki, A.; Kourounakis, P.N.: Synthesis and antiinflammatory activity of some new thiazole derivatives

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Kruppert, C.; Brandenburg, J.: Reaction of 1,4-naphtoquinone and 1,4-anthraquinone with N,N-dialkylhydrazines (in German)

Dittgen, M.; Fricke, S.; Gerecke, H.; Osterwald, H.: Hot spin mixing - a new technolgoy to manufacture solid dispersions, part 3: Progesterone

Schramek, C. H. J.; Kittner, H.; Poelchen, W.; Gaitzsch, H.: Partial pentylenetetrazol-kindling in male wistarrats - EEG and behavioural examinations

Melzig, M. F.; Franke, S.: Effect of flavonoids and phenolcarbonic acids on adenosine activity in endothelial cells (in German)

Döpke, W.; Huong Pham, L.; Gründemann, E.; Bartoszek, M.; Flatau, S.: Alkaloids from Hippeastrum equestre Herb.

Tosun, F.; Aydinlioglu, A.: Alkaloids from Gonocytisus angulatus

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