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DiePharmazie 07/1998

Original Articles

Sippl, W.; Stark, H.; Höltje, H.-D.: Development of a binding site model for histamine H3-receptor agonists

Kostic-Rajacic, S.; Šoškic, V.; Joksimovic, J.: New substituted 2-methylthiomethyl- and 2-methylsulphinylmethylenebenzimidazoles with D2/5-HT1A activity

Siener, T.; Müller, U.; Jansen, M.; Holzgrabe, I.: Formation of a 1,6-naphthyridine derivative by a double Mannich Reaction

Möhrle, H.; Nestle, W.; Westle, G.: Indole cleavage with mebhydroline by sodium periodate, part 1: Basic substituted indoles (in German)

Raggi, M. A.; Bugamelli, F.; Casamenti, G.; Giovanninetti, G.; Volterra, V.: Quality control of pharmaceutical preparations containing clozapine by means of HPLC and derivative UV spectrophotometry

Klimes, J.; Sochor, J.; Dolezal, P.; Körner, J.: HPLC evaluation of drugs in transdermal therapeutic preparations, I. Glycerol trinitrate

Figura, B.; Pluta, J.; Lorenz, K.: Assessment of the level of certain heavy metals in Polish galenic preparations

Hoffmann, H.; Dittgen, M.; Hoffmann, A.; Bartsch, C.; Breitbarth, H.; Timpe, C.; Farker, K.; Schmidt, U.; Mellinger, U.; Zimmermann, H.; Gräser, T.; Oettel, M.: Evaluation of an oral pulsatile delivery system for melatonin in humans

Vyas, S.P.; Mysore, N.; Jaitely, V.; Venkatesan, N.: Discoidal niosome based controlled ocular delivery of timolol maleate

Pokrajac, M.; Miljkovic, B.; Simic, D.; Brzakovic, B.; Galetin, A.: Comparative pharmacokinetics of two cotrimoxazole preparations

Sieja, K.: Selenium (Se) deficiency in women with ovarian cancer undergoing chemotherapy and the influence of supplementation with this micro-element on biochemical parameters

Darias, V.; Abdala, S.; Martin-Herrera, D.; Luisa Tello, M.; Vega, S.: CNS effects of a series of 1,2,4-triazolyl heterocarboxylic derivatives

Shou-Jun Guo, Katalinic, J. P.; Lan He; Dong-Liang Cheng: A new kaurane diterpene and a new echinocystic acid saponin from Aster ageratoides

Accounts of Experience

Felske, P.; Dücker, D.; Tegtmeier, M.; Harnischfeger, G.: Asservation of components of essential oils from fresh plants during an excursion

Mittner, A.; Vincze, Z.; Jemnitz, K.: Stability of cisplatin containing infusions

Short communications

Andricopulo, A. D.; Willian-Filho, A.; Correa, R.; Santos, A. R. S.; Nunes, R. J.; Yunes, R. A.; Cechinel-Filho, V.: Analgesic activity of 3,4-dichloromaleimides: structure-activity relationships

Toker, G.; Türköz, S.; Erdemoglu, N.: High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of rutin in plants, I.

Regdon sen., G.; Berenyi, M.; Regdon, G. jun.; Erös, I.: Rheological characterization of suspension suppositories (in German)

Bihari, E.; Zelko. R.; Rácz, I.: Effect of formulation factors on the dissolution characteristics of magnesium oxide granules

Amin Kreaz, R. M.; Erös, I.; Kata, M.: Enhancement of solubilty and dissolution properties of furosemide by cyclodextrin derivatives

Vashishtha, S. C.; Dimmock, J. R.; Manavathu, E. K.: Antifungal activity of some quarternary ammonium salts of 4-(2-arylvinyl)-3-(3-aryl-2-propenoyl)-1-ethyl-4-piperidinols and related compounds

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