DiePharmazie 8/2003


Original articles

Mahran, M. A.; El-Nassry, S. M. F.; Allam, S. R.; El-Zawawy, L. A.: Synthesis of some new benzothiazole derivatives as potential antimicrobial and antiparasitic agents

Wurm, G.; Schwandt, S.: Methylated 2-aryl-1,4-naphtoquinone derivatives with diminished antioxidative activity (in German)

Görlitzer, K.; Trittmacher, J.; Jones, P. G.; Frohberg, P.; Drutkowski, G.:Pyrano[3,4-c]quinolines from 1-desaza-1-oxa-nifedipine (in German)

Erk, N.: Three new spectrophotometric methods applied to the simultaneous determination of hydrochlorothiazide and irbesartan

Tosun, F.; Erdem, Ç. K.; Eroglu, Y.: Determination of genistein in the Turkish Genista L. species by LC-MS

Criado, S.; Mártire, D.; Allegretti, P.; Furlong, J.; Bertolotti, S.; La Falce, E.; García, N.:Mass spectrometric study of the photooxidation of the ophthalmic drugs timolol and pindolol

Pinnamaneni, S.; Das, N. G.; Das, S. K.: Comparison of oil-in-water emulsions manufactured by microfluidization and homogenization

Krishnaiah, Y. S. R.; Bhaskar, P.; Satyanarayana, V.: Effect of carvone on the permeation of nimodipine from membrane-moderated transdermal therapeutic system

Sudheer Kumar, M.; Unnikrishnan, M. K.; Patra, S.; Murthy, K.; Srinivasan, K. K.: Naringin and naringenin inhibit nitrite-induced methemoglobin formation

Sartori, M. R. K.; Pretto, J. B.; Cruz, A. B.; Bresciani, L. F. V.; Yunes, R. A.; Sortino, M.; Zacchino, S. A.; Cechinel Filho, V.: Antifungal activity of fractions and two pure compounds of flowers from Wedelia paludosa (Acmela brasiliensis) (Asteraceae)

Vanícková, M.; Labuda, J.; Lehotay, J.; Cizmárik, J.: Interaction of some esters of 2-, 3-, 4-alkoxyphenylcarbamic acids with surface-bound DNA at a dsDNA modified electrode

Tabach, R.; Oliveira, W. P.: Evaluation of the anti-ulcerogenic activity of a dry extract of Maytenus ilicifolia Martius ex. Reiss produced by a jet spouted bed dryer

Quettier-Deleu, C.; Voiselle, G.; Fruchart, J.-C.; Duriez, P.; Teissier, E.; Bailleul, F.; Vasseur, J.; Trotin, F.: Hawthorn extracts inhibit LDL oxidation

Souza, M. C.; Siani, A. C.; Ramos, M. F. S.; Menezes-de-Lima jr., O.; Henriques, M. G. M. O.: Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of essential oils from two Asteraceae species

Ngunde Ngwendson, J.; Bedir, E.; Efange, S. M. N.; Okunji, C. O.; Iwu, M. M.; Schuster, B. G.; Khan, I. A.: Constituents of Peucedanum zenkerl seeds and their antimicrobial effects

Królicka, A.; Staniszewska, I.; Malinski, E.; Szafranek, J.; Lojkowska, E.: Stimulation of furanochromone accumulation in callus cultures of Ammi visnaga L. by addition of elicitors

Anh, N. T. H.; Sung, T. V.; Franke, K.; Wessjohann, L. A.: Phytochemical studies of Rehmannia glutinosa rhizomes

Ying Wang; Min Yang; Cheng-Shan Yuan; Yi-Feng Han; Zhong-Jian Jia: Sesquiterpenes and other constituents from Cacalia deltophylla


Short communications

Babic, A.; Ilaš, J.; Pecar, S.: Synthesis of hydrophilic and amphiphilic spin probes

Swanepoel, E.; Liebenberg, W.; de Villiers, M. M.: Differences between USP and BP dissolution results for oxytetracycline capsules after accelerated stability testing

Sasmakov, S. A.; Putieva, J. M.; Saatow, Z.; Lindequist, U.: A new triterpene glycoside from Zygophyllum eichwaldii