DiePharmazie 8/2006


Original articles


Aydin F, Safak C, Simsek R, Erol K, Ülgen M, Linden A: Studies on condensed 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives and their calcium modulatory activities

Qingsong Zhou, Xuehua Jiang, Kejia Li, Xingxing Fan: Synthesis, characterization and in situ intestinal absorption of different molecular weight scutellarin-PEG conjugates

Snehalatha M, Saha RN: New, sensitive and validated spectrofluorimetric method for the estimation of etoposide in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations

Haohao Wu, Huidi Jiang, Lingfei Wang, Yongzhou Hu: Relationship between vasorelaxation of flavonoids and their retention index in RP-HPLC

Morsch M, Girardi LGJ, Cechinel-Filho V, Meyre-Silva C, Rodrigues CA: The use of chitosan modified with glutaraldehyde and glyoxal as chromatographic support for the separation of flavonoids from Aleurites moluccana leaves

Granero GE, Ramachandran C, Amidon GL: Rapid in vivo dissolution of ketoprofen: implications on the biopharmaceutics classification system

Sosada M, Gorecki M, Pasker B: Influence of rapeseed phospholipids on ibuprofen dissolution from solid dispersions

Liu C, Zhu SJ, Zhou Y, Wei YP, Pei YY: Enhancement of dissolution of cyclosporine A using solid dispersions with polyoxyethylene (40) stearate

Haiyang Hu, Dawei Chen, Yanfang Liu, Yihui Deng, Shoujing Yang, Mingxi Qiao, Jun Zhao, Xiuli Zhao: Preparation and targeted delivery of immunoliposomes bearing poly(ethylene glycol)-coupled humanized anti-hepatoma disulfide-stabilized Fv (hdsFv25) in vitro

Lendemans DG, Egert AM, Myschik J, Hook S, Rades T: On the dilution behaviour of immuno-stimulating complexes (ISCOMS)

Hjorth Tĝnnesen H: Solubility and stability of curcumin in solutions containing alginate and other viscosity modifying macromolecules

Marigny K, Lohezic-Ledevehat F, Aubin F, Burgot G: Stability of oral liquid preparations of methylergometrine

Sigusch HH, Lehman MH, Reinhardt D, Henke A, Zell R, Leipner C, Figulla HR: Chemotactic activity of serum obtained from patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Jie Chen, Hai Bai, Cunbang Wang, Jiuhong Kang: Trichostatin A improves the anticancer activity of low concentrations of curcumin in human leukemia cells

Sookkongwaree K, Geitmann M, Roengsumran S, Petsom A, Danielson UH: Inhibition of viral proteases by Zingiberaceae extracts and flavones isolated from Kaempferia parviflora

Suffredini IB, Paciencia MLB, Varella AD, Younes RN: In vitro prostate cancer cell growth inhibition by Brazilian plant extracts

Mukhtar HM, Ansari SH, Bhat ZA, Naved T, Singh P: Antidiabetic activity of an ethanol extract obtained from the stem bark of Psidium guajava (Myrtaceae)

Ahmed F, Ali M, Singh O: New compounds from Commiphora myrrha (Nees) Engl.