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DiePharmazie 08/1998


Simpkins, J. W.; Rabbani, O.; Shi, J.; Panickar, K. S.; Green, P. S.; Day, A. L.: A system for the brain-enhanced delivery of estradiol: An assessment of its potential for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease and stroke

Original Articles

Boers, F.; Lemiere, G.; Lepoivre, J. A.; De Groot, A.; Dommisse, R.; De Bruyne, T.; Vlietinck, A. J.; Vanden Berghe, D. A. : Synthesis and antiviral activity of 7-O-(-substituted)-alkyl-3-O-methyl-quercetin derivatives

Kiec-Kononowicz, K.; Cegla, M. T.: Theophylline derivatives as potential histamine H3-receptor antagonists

Sung, S.-Y.; Bisel, P.; Frahm, A. W.: Improved synthesis of (RS)-3-oxocyclopentanecarboxylic acid: characterisation of the intermediates

Abu-Khurmah, M.; Oelschläger, H.; Volke, J.: Formation of brenzcatechine derivatives by reduction of 6-oxo-morphin derivatives at mercury electrodes (in German)

Mohamed, N. K.: Novel heterocyclization of N-subsituted thiosemicarbazides

Görlitzer, K.; Weltrowski, I.-M.; Wray, V.: Reaction of 2-hydroxymethylmorphine with alkaline potassium fericyanide solution (in German)

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Bock, U.: 4-Methoxy-1,2-naphthoquinone-1/2-arylhydrazones (in German)

Bekhit, A. A.; Khalil, M. A.: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents: Synthesis of novel benzopyrazolyl, benzoxazolyl and quinazolinyl derivatives of 4(3 H)-qunazolinones

Grant, N.; Mishriky, N.; Asaad, F. M.; Fawzy, N. G.: Pyridines and pyrazolines from salicyclic acid derivatives with propenone residue and their antimicrobial properties

Göger, N. G.; Orbey, M. T.; Özden, T.; Aboul-Enein; H. Y.: Quantitative proton magnetic resonance analysis of ketoprofen in capsules

Karlicek, R.; Solich, P.: Flow-injection spectrophotometric determination of captopril using on-line solid phase extraction

zur Mühlen, A.; Mehnert, W.: Drug release and release mechnism of prednisolone loaded Solid Lipid Nanoparticles

Badawi, A. A.; El Samaligy, M.; Badawi, S. S.; Aziz, R. L.: Controlled release theophylline delivery systems using Eudragit RS 100

Ammar, H. O.; El-Nahhas, S. A.; Khalil, R. M.: Cyclodextrins in acetazolamide eye drop formulations

Ettabia, A.; Bartélémy, C.; Jbilou, M.; Guyot-Hermann, A. M.: Influence of drying conditions on residual solvent contents in crystals, part 2.: Study on polycrystalline particles

Shawesh, A. M.; Kallioninen, S.; Hellén, L.; Yliruusi, J.: Evaluation of indomethacin solubility in different co-solvents and effect of enhancers on the solubility

Melzig, M. F.; Papsdorf, G.; Putscher, I.; Winkler, A.; Siems, W.-E.: Inhibition of corticotropine releasing factor (CRF)-induced andrenocorticotropin (ACTH) secretion in pituitary corticotropic cells by substance P

Hensel, A.: Studies on neutral polysacchacrides and their extractability from Crataegi folium cum flore

Liberra, K.; Jansen, R.; Lindequist, U.: Corollosporine, a new phthalide derivative from the marine fungus Corollospora maritima Werderm. 1069

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