DiePharmazie 9/2000



Pitten, F.-A.; Splieth, Ch.; Kramer, A.: Prophylactic and therapeutic application of antimicrobial agents in the oral cavity

Klesczecewska, E.: L-Ascorbic acid – clinical use, toxicity, properties, methods of determination in chemical analysis


Original articles

Görlitzer, K.; Kramer, C.: Potential antiallergics, part 3: Synthesis an transformations of 1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-[1]benzothieno[3,2-b]pyridine- 2-carboxylic acid esters (in German)

Görlitzer, K.; Kramer, C.; Boyle, Ch.: Synthesis and transformations of ethyl 1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-[1]benzofuro[3,2-b]pyridine-3-carboylate, new antibacterial agents (in German)

Rojas, C.; Nagaraja, N. V.; Derendorf, H.: In vitro recovery of triamcinolone acetonide in microdialysis

Taha, M. O.; Aiedeh, K.: Synthesis of iron-crosslinked hydroxamated alginic acid and its in vitro evaluation as potential matrix material for oral sustained-release beads

Acartürk, F.; Altug, N.: Preparation and evaluation of bromocryptine mesylate-polydimethylmethylsiloxane matrices

Ivanov, I. T.; Gadjeva, V.: Influence of some DNA-alkylating drugs on thermal stability, acid and osmotic resistance of the membrane of whole human erythrocytes and their ghosts

Klinger, G.; Glänzer, S.; Sigusch, B.; Klinger, G.; Römer, W.: Influence of sexual steroids on cell functions of PNML in the gingival sulcus

Luzzi, R.; Scheidt, C.; Ros, J. F.; Cechinel-Filho, V.; Santos, A. R. S.; Calixto, J. B.; Yunes, R. A.; Niero, R.: Antinociceptive activity of a hydroalcoholic axtract obtained from aerial parts of Sebastiana schottiana (Euphorbiaceae)

Ekiert, H.; Gomólka, E.: Coumarin compunds in Ammi majus L. callus cultures

Philipov, S.; Ivanovska, N.; Istatkova, R.; Velikova, M.; Tuleva, P.: Phytochemical study and cytotoxic activity of alkaloids from Uvaria chamae P. Beauv.

Nait Mbark, A.; Charouf, Z.; Wray, V.; Nimtz, M.; Schöpke, Th.: Monodesmosidic saponins from Hernaria hirsuta

Abdel-Mogib, M.; Basaif, S. A.; Ezmirly, S. T.: Two novel flavans from Cyperus conglomeratus

Mericli, A. H.; Mericli, F.; Ulubelen, A.; Bahar, M.; Ilarslan, R.; Algül, G.; Desai, H.-K.; Teng, Q.; Pelletier, S. W.: Diterpenoid alkaloids from the aerial parts of Aconitum anthora L.

Short communications

Rodrigues, C. A.; Oliveira, A. E.; Willain, F. R.; Cechinel-Filho, V.; Guimareas, C. L.; Yunes, R. A.; Delle Monache, F.: Separation of biflavonoids from Rheedia garneriana using chitin-Fe complex as stationary phase

Qadan, A.; Süss, W.: Controlled release of carbamazepine from pellets and tablets manufactured with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Sikurová, L.; Dérerová, J.; Kvasnicka, P.; Waczuliková, I.; Cársky, J.; Ulicna, O.: Resorcylidene aminoguanidine improves the pathologically reduced fluidity of erythrocyte membranes in Diabetes melitus

Porchezhian, E.; Ansari, S. H.: Effect of liquid extract from fresh Abutilon indicum leaves and Allium cepa buls on paracetamol and carbontetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity

Nyasse, B.; Lenta-Ndjakou, B.: Aframodial, a labdane diterpene showing selective in vitro antileukemic activity

Borowiecka, J.; Pakulska, W.; Czarnecka, E.: Analgetic properties of glycosyl diclofenac derivatives