DiePharmazie 9/2002



Fuhr, U.; Jetter, A.: Rabeprazole: pharmacokinetics and pharmacokinetic drug interactions

Original articles

Dandia, A.; Singh, R.; Saha, M.; Shivpuri, A.: Microwave induced diastereoselective synthesis of spiro [indole-oxiranes] and their conversion to spiro [indole-pyrazoles]

Görlitzer, K.; Trittmacher, J.; Bartke, U.: Bis(lactone)-annulated 4H-pyranes and 1,4-dihydropyridines from 3,3’-(nitrobenzylidene)-bistetronic acids (in German)

Jakubkiene, V.; Burbuliene, M. M.; Udrenaite, E.; Garaliene, V.; Vainlavicius, P.: (6-Methyl-2-methylsulfanyl-4- oxo-3,4-dihydro- 3-pyrimidinyl)acetic acid and related compounds exhibiting anti-inflammatory activity

Mielczarek, C.: Methoxychalcones and methoxyflavanones in analytical studies

Jayasagar, G.; Krishna Kumar, M.; Chandrasekhar, K.; Siva Prasad, P.; Madhusudan Rao, Y.: Validated HPLC method for the determination of celecoxib in human serum and its application in a clinical pharmacokinetic study

Adesina, S. K.; Adebayo, A. S.; Adesina S. K. O.; Gröning, R.: GC/MS investigations of the minor constituents of Piper guineense stem

Weyenberg, W.; Ludwig, A.: In vitro assessment of the interaction mechanisms between mucin and a cationic cellulosic derivative by rheological methods using an experimental design

Sridevi, S.; Diwan, P. V.: Effect of pH and complexation on transdermal permeation of gliquidone

Dobrucki, R.; Radomska, A.: Retinol palmitate as a model substance to test antioxidant properties in vitro on the example of captopril

Jamie, H.; Kilian, G.; Milne, P. J.: Hepatotoxicity of the isomers of cyclo(Trp-Pro)

Rahman, A.; Ali, M., Khan, N. Z.: A new geniculatoside from aerial parts of Euphorbia geniculata Linn.

Aboutabl, E. A.; Meselhy, M. R.; Afifi, M. S.: Iridoids from Phlomis aurea Decne growing in Egypt

Short communications

Kallmayer, H.-J.; Thierfelder, B.: Reactions of trialkylamine compounds with 2,3-dichloro-1,4-naphthoquinone (in German)

Dirvianskyte, N.; Leonavicene, L.; Butkus, E.: Synthesis and inhibitory effect of threo-dl-phenylserine derivatives in rat experimental adjuvant arthritis model

Demopoulos, V. J.; Anagnostou, C.; Nicolaou, I.: Validation of a computational procedure of the calculation of the polar surface area (PSA) of organic compounds

Grigoriev, P. A.; Schlegel, B.; Schmidtke, M; Gräfe, U.: Alteration of membrane polarization by (- )-terpestacin, a biologically active fungal metabolite

Fu, X. C.; Ma, X. W.; Liang, W. Q.: Prediction of skin permeability using an artificial neural network