DiePharmazie 9/2006



Fu M, Wu M, Qiao Y, Wang Z: Toxicological mechanisms of Aconitum alkaloids

Original articles

Mól W, Naczynski A, Boryczka S, Wietrzyk J, Opolski A: Synthesis and antiproliferative activity in vitro of diacetylenic thioquinolines

Iqbal J, Gupta A, Husain A: Photochemistry of phenazopyridine hydrochloride

El Deeb S, Schepers U, Wätzig H: Evaluation of monolithic C18 HPLC columns for the fast analysis of pilocarpine hydrochloride in the presence of its degradation products

Wen Xu, Jin Sun, Tingting Zhang, Jingling Tang, Haiyan Li, Jinling Fang, Dawei Chen, Zhonggui He: A rapid HPLC/ESI-MS method for the quantitative determination of oridonin in rat plasma

Golcu A, Özkan SA: Electroanalytical determination of donepezil HCI in tablets and human serum by differential pulse and osteryoung square wave voltammetry at a glassy carbon electrode

Imran M, Singh RSP, Chandran S: Stability indicating ultraviolet spectroscopic method for the estimation of ezetimibe and carvedilol

Wischke C, Borchert HH: Fluorescein isothiocyanate labelled bovine serum albumin (FITC-BSA) as a model protein drug: opportunities and drawbacks

Zaghloul AA: ß-Estradiol biodegradable microspheres: Effect of formulation parameters on encapsulation efficiency and in vitro release

Malolepsza-Jarmolowska K: Studies on gynaecological hydrophilic lactic acid preparations, part 7: Use of chitosan as lactic acid carrier in intravaginal tablets (globuli vaginales)

Wu Chun-Jie, Huang Qin-Wan, Qi Hong-Yi, Guo Ping, Hou Shi-Xiang: Promoting effect of borneol on the permeability of puerarin eye drops and timolol maleate eye drops through the cornea in vitro

Jouyban A, Khoubnasabjafari M, Chan HK, Acree jr. WE: Mathematical representation of solubility of amino acids in binary aqueous-organic solvent mixtures at various temperatures using the Jouyban-Acree model

Parmar HS, Panda S, Jatwa R, Kar A: Cardio-protective role of Terminalia arjuna bark extract is possibly mediated through alterations in thyroid hormones

Yuba Raj Pokharel, Ji-Eun Jeong, Soo Jin Oh, Sang Kyum Kim, Eun-Rhan Woo, Keon Wook Kang: Screening of potential chemopreventive compounds from Poncirus trifoliata Raf.

Short communications

Borza I, Greiner I, Kolok S, Galgóczy K, Ignácz-Szendrei Gy, Horváth Cs, Farkas S, Táti T, Háda V, Domány Gy: New benzoyl urea derivatives as novel NR2B selective NMDA receptor antagonists

Link A, Radau G: Detection of phenol by means of 4-aminophenazone according to Emerson (in German)

Borghetti GS, Costa IM, Petrovick PR, Pereira VP, Bassani VL: Characterization of different samples of quercetin in solid-state: indication of polymorphism occurrence

Mendoza L, Hajdúch M, Plaušinaitis R, Platílová V, Emritte N, Svoboda M: Pharmacokinetic and bioequivalence testing of atorvastatin formulations in healthy male volunteers

Adameová A, Kuželová M, Faberová V, Švec P: Protective effect of simvastatin and VULM 1457 in ischaemic-reperfused myocardium of the diabetic-hypercholesterolemic rats

Yi Sun, Li Tian, Yong-Fu Huang, Yi Sha, Yue-Hu Pei: A new cyclotetrapeptide from marine fungus Trichoderma reesei

Wei Li, Xian Li, Jia Yang, Lin-Hao Li, Ning Li, Da-Li Meng: Two new triterpenoids from the carpophore of Xanthoceras sorbifolia Bunge

Jing Xu, Xian Li Peng Zhang, Ning Li, Da-Li Meng: A new lignan from Smilax bockii warb.