DiePharmazie 9/2008



Meyer R, Schneider C, Jira T: Considerations of the behaviour of C18-chains and calixarenes and its application for determination of stationary phase volume in RP-chromatography


Original articles

Sakamoto T, Fujimaki Y, Hiyama Y: NIR spectroscopic investigation of two fluoroquinolones, levofloxacin and ofloxacin, and their tablets for qualitative identification of commercial products on the market

Norouzi P, Ganjali MR, Larijani B, Mirabi-Semnakolaii A, Mirnaghi FS, Mohammadi A: Sub-second adsorption for the pico-molar monitoring of diltiazem in pharmaceutical preparations by fast Fourier transformation with the use of continuous cyclic voltammetry
at an Au microelectrode in a flowing system

Li XM, Chen ZP, Wang SP, Tang J, Liu CY, Zou MF: Extractive spectrophotometric determination of TRODAT-1 hydrochloride in lyophilized kit

Bende G, Kollipara S, Sekar V, Saha R: UV-spectrophotometric determination of imatinib mesylate and its application in solubility studies

Dong-Hang Xu, Jiang-Qing Gao, Wen-Quan Liang: Liposome-based intracellular kinetics of doxorubicin in K562/DOX cells

Pluta J, Haznar D, Suszka-Switek A, Ryszka F: Insulin availability from mucoadhesive tablets

Zaghloul A, Khattab I, Nada A, Al-Saidan S: Preparation, characterization and optimization of probucol self-emulsified drug delivery system to enhance solubility and dissolution

Qiang Peng, Tao Gong, Jiao Zuo, Jie Liu, Dong Zhao, Zhirong Zhang: Enhanced oral bioavailability of salvianolic acid B by phospholipid complex loaded nanoparticles

Fraga M, Laux M, Rejane dos Santos G, Zandoná B, dos Santos Giuberti C, de Oliveira MC, da Silveira Matte U, Ferreira Teixeira H: Evaluation of the toxicity of oligonucleotide/cationic nanoemulsion complexes on Hep G2 cells through MTT assay

Meng XL, Chen GL, Yang JY, Wang S, Wu CF, Wang JM: Inhibitory effect of a novel resveratrol derivative on nitric oxide production in lipopolysaccharide-activated microglia

Zhao Li, Lan-Xia Zhou, Bao-Hong Zhang, Xiang Yan, Juan Li, Ya-Li Peng, Min Chang, Shou-Liang Dong, Rui Wang: Effect and mechanism of nociceptin/orphanin FQ reversing multi-drug resistance in K562/ADM cell

Myschik J, McBurney WT, Hennessy T, Rades T, Hook S: Immunogenicity of lipid sustained release implants containing imiquimod, a-galactosylceramide, or Quil-A

Termentzi A, Alexiou P, Demopoulos VJ, Kokkalou E: The aldose reductase inhibitory capacity of Sorbus domestica fruit extracts depends on their phenolic content and may be useful for the control of diabetic complications