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DiePharmazie 09/1995


Liberra, K.; Lindequist, U.: Marine fungi - a prolific resource of biologically active products ?

Original Articles

Reimann, E.; Pöschl, K.: A regioselective synthesis of 4-methyl-1-pyrindan-5-one (in German)

Krysinski, J.: Application of the rough sets theory to the analysis of structure-activity relationships of antimicrobial pyridinium compounds

Bransteterová, E.; Kubalec, P.; Rády, A.; Kreméry, V.: Determination of itraconazole and its metabolite in plasma using SPE-HPLC

Ghindilis, A.L.; Michael, N.; Makower, A.: A new sensitive and simple method for detection of catecholamines from adrenal chromaffin cells

Rücker, G.; Neugebauer, M.; Kiefer, A.: TLC analysis of plant peroxides with modifications of the Huber and Fröhlke reagent (in German)

Realdon, N.; Ragazzi, Eug.; DalZotto, M.; Ragazzi, Enr.: Influence of ointment formulations on skin erythema induced by nicotinate esters

Barthelemy, C.; DiMartino, P.; Guyot-Herman, A.M.: Influence of drying conditions on residual solvent contents in crystals, part 1: Study on monocrystalline perticles

Rohatagi, S.; Hochhaus, G.; Möllmann, H.; Barth, J.; Derendorf, H.: Pharmacokinetic interaction between endogenous cortisol and exogenous corticosteroids

Hippius, M.; Henschel, L.; Sigusch, H.; Tepper, J.; Brendel, E.; Hoffmann, A.: Pharmacokientic interactions of nifedipine and quinidine

Sconzo, G.; Romancino, D.; Fasulo, G.; Cascino, D.; Guidice, G.: Effect of doxorubicin and phenytoin on sea urchin development

Jäger, W.; Päsler, B.; Buchbauer, G.; Chiba, P.: Investigation of cytotoxic effects of 8 norbornane derivatives on 4 human cancer cell lines using the MTT assay

Stankovicová, T.; Stolc, S.; Csöllei, J.; Benes, L.: Local anesthetic effect of carbiosocaine and its enantiomers

Schrader, E.; Schwankl, W.; Sieder, Ch.; Christoffel, V.: Comparative study of the bioavailability of ß-aescine after single oral administration of two different drug formulations containing an extract of horst-chestnut seeds (in German)

Länger, R.; Engler, S.; Kubelka, W.: Comparative root anatomy of some perennial taxa of the genus Ononis L. (in German)

Rubio, B.; Diaz, A.M.: Flavonoid glycosides in leaves and flowers of Scolymus hispanicus

Short Communications

Andronati, S.A.; Karaseva, T.L.; Kabanova, T.A.; Pavlovsly, V.I.; Yavorsky, A.S.: Arylhydrazones and phenylsemicarbazones of 2-aminobenzophenones as antithrombotic agents

Kettmann, V.; Sivy, J.; Bartos, M.: Further evidence for the electrostatic requirements of the b-antagonistic binding site

Pallas, P.; Richter, H.: Di(acyloxy)dialkylsilanes and di(acyloxy)dirylsilanes, part 7: DSC investigations (in German)

Ryszka, F.; Krupej, J.; Dolinska, B.: Biological accessibility and distribution of calcitonin in rats with experimental osteoporosis

Oertel, R.; Richter, K.: Talinolol metabolites in humans: Relationships between structure, polarity and exreted amount (in German)

Hinz, B.; Hirschelmann, R.: Fast negatibe feed back actions of corticosterone and of dexamethasone on CRF-stimulated ACTH secretion in rats

Villaescusa, L.; Diaz, A.M.; Bartolome, C.: Methoxylated flavonoids from Jasonia glutinosa, D.C. and their relation with other species of Jasonia

Chalchat, J.C.; Gorunovic, M.S.: Chemotaxonomy of pines native to the Balkans (IV): Variations in the composition of essential oils of Pinus omorika Paneie according to the plant part and age of specimens

Ahmed, A.A.; Hussein, S.; El-Faham, H.A.; El-Bassouni, A.A.: A new monoterpene and pyran derivative from Achillea fragrantissima

Mansouri, L.; Henry, M.: An ontogenetic study on the sapogenin content of Ivy

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