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DiePharmazie 09/1996

All the contributions in this particular issue are dedicated to Prof. Dr. T. Beyrich, Greifswald, on the occasion of his 65th birthday


Kalbitz, J.; Neubert, R.; Wohlrab, W.: Modulation of skin drug penetration (in German)

Original Articles

Hartke, K.; Ashry, C.: 4-Aminothialenes (in German)

Unterhalt, B.; Jöstingmeier, R.: New substituted isochromans (in German)

Bergmann, J.; Jaehde, U.; Schunack, W.: The use of capillary zone electrophoresis to monitor alterations in glycoprotein microhomogeneity

Stelzer, A.; Meusel, M.; Junghänel, J.; Jira, T.: HPLC investigations of chiral triazolophthalazines (in German)

Klimes, J.; Sochor, J.; Sedlacek, J.: Solid-phase extraction and HPLC analysis of kebuzone and its metabolites in blood

Pietzyk, B.; Fröhlich, L.; Göber, B.: Stability of synthetic Mn- and Fe-tetraphenylporphyrins in biomimetic systems of aromatic hydroxalytion (in German)

Thoma, K.; Kübler, N.: Wavelength dependency of photodegradation processes of drug substances (in German)

Hoffmann, U.; Bsharat, N.; Jira, T.: Effects of quinazoline(3H,1H)-4-one-2-thiones with axial and central chirality on the contractile response of smooth muscle

Ali, N. A. A.; Lüdtke, J.; Pilgrim, H.; Lindequist, U.: Inhibition of chemiluminescence response of human mononuclear cells and suppression of mitogen-induced proliferation of spleen lymphocytes of mice by hispolon and hispidin

Short Communications

Geffken, D.; Froböse, J.: Unexpected cyclocondensation of N-benzyloxy-2-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-vinyl-glucolamide to 1-benzyloxy-3-(4-fluorophenyl)-3-pyrrolin-2-one

Bunke, A.; Jira, T.: Chiral capillary electrophoresis using a cationic cyclodextrin

Peinhardt, G.: Copper-pyridin-complexes of indomethacin and chemically related substances (in German)

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