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DiePharmazie 09/1998


Möller, T.; Korsatko, W.: Improvement of the galenic properties of ibuprofen and (S(+)-ibuprofen (in German)

Original articles

Schleifer, K.-J.; Tot, E.; Höltje, H.-D.:
Pharmacophore and pseudoreceptor modelling of class Ib antiarrhythmic and local anaesthetic lidocaine analogues

Marona, H.; Kiec-Kononowicz, K.: Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of some 2-N-(phthalimido)-1-alkyl esters

Mishriky, N.; Asaad, F. M.; Ibrahim, Y. A.; Girgis, A. S.: Synthetic approaches towards 1-H-pyrrolo[1,2-c]imidazoles

Kosáry, J.; Stefanovits-Bányai, É.; Boross, L.: Synthesis of detergent O-glucosides by reverse hydrolysis in alcohol-water biphasic systems using - and -glucosidases

Krezel, I.: Antitumor activity of new derivatives of 1,3-diazaheterocycles

Görlitzer, K.; Weltrowski, I.-M.: Morphine-1- and -2-carbaldehyde (in German)

Oelschläger, H.; Klinger, W.; Rothley, D.; Seeling, A.; Bockhard, H.; Hofmann, B.; Machts, H.; Riederer, H.; Rackur, H.: Cleavage and biotransformation of the centrally acting muscle relaxant chlormezanone (in German)

Proksa, B.; Proksová, A.: Separation of phthalideisoquinoline alkaloids and products of their semisynthetic transformation by capillary zone electrophoresis

Ragno, G.; Vetuschi, C.: UV derivative spectrophotometric assay of nicardipine and its photodegradation product

Alberg, U.; Müller-Goymann, C. C.: Influence of ethanol on microstructure and technoloigcal properties of unguentum emulsificans aquosum DAB 1997 (in German)

Melzig, M. F.; Heder, G.; Siems, W.-E.; Zipper, J.: Stimulation of endothelial angiotensin-converting enzyme by morphine via non-opioid receptor mediated processes

Tunali, T.; Yarat, A.; Yanardag, R.; Özcelik F.; Özsoy, Ö.; Ergenekon, G.; Emekli, N.: The effect of chard (Beta vulgaris L. var. cicla) on the skin of streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

El-Shafae, A. M.; Soliman, A. S.: A pyranocoumarin and two alkaloids (one with antispasmodic effect) from Citrus deliciosa

Short communications

Terán, C.; Santana, L.; Teijeira, M.; Uriarte, E.; Balzarini, J.; De Clercq, E.:
Synthesis and chemotherapeutic activity of a carbocyclic analogue of tegafur

Plotkowiak, Z.; Popielarez-Brzezinska, M.; Karolewska, J.; Mikolajczak, A.: Study of bacampicillin hydrochloride durability in tablets

Oertel, R.; Richter, K.: Plasma protein binding of the local anaesthetic drug articaine and its metabolite articainic acid

Popovic, G. V.; Drazic, B. P.; Pfendt, L. B.: Acid-base equilibria in homogenous and heterogeneous systems of clonazepam and nitrazepam

Foltinová, P.: Euglena gracilis: Inhibition of chloroplast mutagenesis by some commercial salicylates

Akinci, S.; Güven, K. C.; Kücük, M.; Hacibekiroglu, M.; Koyuncuoglu, H.; Okus, E.: Insulin from Rapana venosa (Valenciennes 1846)

Bucar, F.; Jachak, S. M.; Kartnig, T.; Schubert-Zsilavecz, M.: Phenolic compounds from Biophytum sensitivum

Fontana, N.; Bisio, A.; Romussi, G.: Triterpene saponins and flavonoids from Quercus glauca Thun. Part 23: Constitutents of Fagaceae (Cupuliferae)

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