DiePharmazie 10/2001



Rafeeq, M.; Porchezhian, E.; Ansari, S.H.; Khan, T.A.; Khan, N.Z.: Endothelins – an overview


Original articles

Rinke, K.,; Gründert, R.; Bednarski, P.J.: New synthetic route to [bis-1,2-(aminomethyl)benzene]dichloroplatinum(II) complexes, screening for cytotoxic activity in cisplatin-sensitive and resistant human cancer cell lines, and reaction with glutathione

Bisel, P.; Breitling, E.; Schlauch, M.; Volk, F.-J.; Frahm, A.W.: Asymmetric synthesis and chromatographic resolution of all four stereomers of the a ,b -propanoleucine

Abdel-Rahman, A.A.-H.: Synthesis of some 2-methylthiouracil nucleosides and its 5-halo analogues of 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-glucose

Hilp, M.: Determination of phenol and resorcinol using 1,3-dibromo-5,5-dimethylhydantoin (DBH) analogous to the Koppeschaar reaction

Peng, L.J.; Wen, M.L.; Yao, Y.: Fentanyl-selective polymeric membrane electrode

Wissing, S.A.; Müller, R.H.: Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) – a novel carrier for UV blockers

Solich, P.; Ogrocká, E.; Schaefer, U.: Application of automated flow injection analysis to drug liberation studies by with Franz diffusion cell

Gröning, R.; Breitkreutz, J.; Baroth, V.; Müller, R.S.: Nanoparticles in plant extracts – factors which influence the formation of nanoparticles in black tea infusions

Balasubramaniam, J.; Thilek Kumar, M.; Pandit, J.K.; Kant, S.: In vitro and in vivo characterization of scleral implants of indomethacin

Jovanovic, D.; Kilibarda, V.; Maksimovic, M.: A biovailability/bioequivalence study of two oral lansoprazole formulations after single administration to healthy volunteers

Roglic, G.; Dukic-Stefanovic, S.; Andric, D.; Kostic-Rajacic, S.; Šoškic, V.: Investigation of mixed D2/5-HT1A activity of N-heteroarylmethyl-N-phenylpiperazines, N-heteroarylethyl-N-phenylpiperazines and N-heteroarylpropyl-N-phenylpiperazines

Ivanov, I.T.: Rapid method for comparing the cytotoxicity of organic solvents and their ability to destabilize proteins of the erythrocyte membrane

Gloor, M.; Fluhr, J.; Wasik, B.; Gehring, W.: Clinical effect of salicylic acid and high dose urea applied in standardized NRF formulations (in German)

Süleyman, H.; Demirezer, L.Ö.; Kuruüzüm-Uz, A.: Analgesic and antipyretic activities of Rumex patientia extract on mice and rabbits

Youssef, D.T.A.; Khalifa, A.A.: Cytotoxic quaternary alkoloids from the flowers of Narcissus tazetta

El-Toumy, S.A.A.; Marzouk, M.S.; Rauwald, H.W.: Ellagi- and gallotannins from Punica granatum heartwood

Chiao Yang; Qi-Ciu Zhu; Qi Zhang; Qin Qnag; Zhong-Jian Jia: Eudesmanolides, aromatic derivatives, and other constituents from Carpesium cernuum

Yong-Hong Zhang; Han-Qing Wang: Ecdysteroids from Rhaponticum uniflorum

Abdel-Mogib, M.; Basaif, S.A.; Asiri, A.M; Sobahi, T.R.; Batterjee, S.M.: New clerodane diterpenoid and flavonol-3-methyl ethers from Dodonaea viscosa