DiePharmazie 10/2006


Original articles

Möhrle H, Azodi K: Piperazines as model substrate for oxidations (in German)

Oruç EE, Koçyigit-Kaymakçioglu, Yilmaz-Demircan F, Gürbüz Y, Kalaça S, Küçükgüzel SG, Ülgen M, Rollas S: An high performance liquid chromatographic method for the quantification of cotinine in the urine of preschool children

Nirogi RVS, Kandikere VN, Maurya S, Mudigonda K, Boosi R: Liquid chromatographic - electrospray tandem mass spectrometric method for the quantification of nimodipine in human plasma

Van der Schoot SC, Nuijen B, Sood P, Thurmond II KB, Stewart DR, Rice JR, Beijnen JH: Pharmaceutical development, quality control, stability and compatibility of a parenteral lyophilized formulation of the investigational polymer-conjugated platinum antineoplastic agent AP5346

Karstens A, Krämer I: Stability of busulfan injection solution (Busilvex®, Busulfex™) in B Braun Injekt® syringes (in German)

Panchagnula R, Kumar Bajpai A, Agrawal S, Ashokray Y: Dissolution testing of marketed rifampicin containing fixed dose combination formulations using a new discriminative media: a post marketing retrospective study

Özyazici M, Gökçe E, Hizarcioglu SY, Taner MS, Köseoglu K, Ertan G: Dissolution and vaginal absorption characteristics of metronidazole and ornidazole

Yu LS, Zhao NP, Yao TW, Zeng S: Zolmitripan uptake by human intestinal epithelial Caco-2 cells

Sollner Dolenc M, Crnošija J, Simcic S, Wraber B, Pecar S: Influence of desmuramylpeptides from LK-409 series on the cytokine production in the mouse spleen cells

Zhou JQ, Tang ZQ, Zhang JN: An evaluation of para toluene-sulfonamide metabolism and effect with regard to CYP isoforms, P-glycoprotein, and drug interactions

Arulselvan P, Senthilkumar GP, Sathish Kumar D, Subramanian S: Anti-diabetic effect of Murraya koenigii leaves on streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Schüssel K, Schulz M: Prescribing of COX-2 inhibitors in Germany after safety warnings and market withdrawals


Short communications

Bajdik J, Pintye-Hódy K: Study of deformation process of stored polymethacrylate free films

Mukai Y, Okamoto T, Kawamura M, Shibata H, Sugita T, Imai S, Abe Y, Nagano K, Nomura T, Kamada H, Tsutsumi Y, Mayumi T, Nakagawa S, Tsunoda S: Optimization of anti-tumor necrosis factor-a single chain Fv displayed on phages of creation of functional antibodies

Ye-Gao Chen, Xiao-Ping Song, Li-Na Hai, Yu-Ping Lv, Fang A, Halaweish F, Xin-Rong Liao: Compounds with DNA cleaving activity from Kadsura ananosma