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DiePharmazie 10/1997


Jaggy, H.; Koch, E.: Chemistry and biology of alkylphenols from Ginkgo biloba L.

Original articles

Wurm, G.; Gurka, H.-J.: 1,4-Naphthoquinones, XXVI: Phenyl-1,4-naphthoquinone derivatives with the hydroxylation patterns of bioflavonoids (in German)

Görlitzer, K.; Weltrowski, I.-M.: Reaction of morphine with formaldehyde (in German)

Habib, N. S.; Soliman, R.; Ashour, F. A.; El-Taiebi, M.: Synthesis and antimicrobial testing of novel oxadiazolylbenzimidazole derivatives

Fahmy, H. T. Y.: Synthesis and antimicrobial screening od some novel thiazoles, dithiazoles and thiazolylpyridines

Hozien, Z. A.; Abdel-Wahab, A.- A.; Hassan, Kh. M.; Atta, F. M.; Ahmed, S. A.: Synthesis of some biologically active agents derived from thieno-[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives

Spöttl, Th.; Eibler, E.; Wiegrebe, W.: ng-Determination of cyclosporine A in cutaneous scales

Bunke, A.; Jira, Th..; Beyrich, Th.: (-)-N-Dodecyl-N-methylephedrinium bromide as chiral selector in capillary electrophoresis

Inkmann, E.; Holzgrabe, U.; Hesse, K.-F.: Stability of mono- and bisbenzyloxime ethers of the acetylcholinesterase reactivator TMB-4

Abu-Khurmah, M.; Oelschläger, H.; Engel, J.: Electroanalysis and mechanism of the reduction of lopirazepam [3-hydroxy-5-(2-chlorphenyl)-7-chloro-1,2-dihydro- 1H-pyrido[3,2-e]1,4-diazepin-2-on] at the dropping mercury electrode (in German)

Stefan, R.-J.; Baiulescu, G. E.; Aboul-Enein, H. Y.: Tamoxifen selective membrane electrodes

Loftsson, T.; Petersen, D. S.: Cyclodextrin solubilization od water-insoluble drugs: calcipotriol and EB-1089

Schulz, B.; Schmidt, P. C.: Stoeva, S.; Voelter, W.; Göckeritz, D.: Compaction and activity of enzymes (in German)

Lambov, N.; Dimitrov, M.; Tsankov, S.: Biopharmaceutical study of cross-linked polyethylene oxide hydrogels

Melzig, M. F.; Loose, R.; Schönherr, G.: Effect of flavonoids on daunomycin-induced toxicity in cultivated endothelial cells

Waisser, K.; Beckert, R.; Slosáfrek, M.; Janota, J.: Antimycobacterial activity of some 2,3-dianilinoquinoxaline derivatives

Serkedjieva, J.: Antiinfective activity of a plant preparation from Geranium sanguineum L.

van den Berg, T.; Freundl, E.; Czygan, F.-C.: Melissa officinalis subsp. altissima: characteristics of a possible adulteration of lemon balm

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