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DiePharmazie 11/2001


Original Articles

Schappach, A.; Höltje, H.-D.: Investigations on inhibitors of human 17a -hydroxylase-17,20-lyase and their interactions with the enzyme

Schwarz, S.; Thieme, I; Kosemund, D.; Undeutsch, B.; Kummer, M.; Görls, H.; Römer, W.; Kaufmann, G.; Elger, W.; Hillisch, A.; Schneider, B.: Studies on modified estrogens: Towards the synthesis of novel 14,15-cyclopropa[a]estra-1,3,5(10),8-tetraenes

Holzgrabe, U.; Steinert, M.: N1-Phenyl substituted 4-quinolones of tuberculostatic activity

Schmidt, T.; Surmann, J.-P.; Stephanowitz, H.; Hoffmann, E.: Identification of pharmaceutical glasses by Laser Ablation ICP-MS

Cepanec, I.; Mikudas, H.; Litvic, M.; Vukusic, I.: Isolation and identification of a new impurity in lorazepam substance

Shohet, D.; Wills, R.B.H.; Stuart, D.L.: Valepotriates and valerenic acids in commercial preparations of valerian available in Australia

Müller, C.R.; Schaffazick, S.R.; Pohlmann, A.R.; de Lucca Freitas, L.; Pesce da Silveira, N.; Dalla Costa, T.; Guterres, S.S.: Spray-dried diclofenac-loaded poly(e -caprolactone) nanocapsules and nanospheres. Preparation and physicochemical characterization

Taglioli, V.; Bilia, A.R.; Ghiara, C.; Mazzi, G.; Mercati, V.; Vincieri, F.F.: Evaluation of the dissolution behaviour of some commercial herbal drugs and their preparations

De Souza, A.O.; Santos junior, R.R.; Melo, P.S.; Alderete, J.B.; de Conti, R.; Haun, M.; Sato, D.N.; Durán, N.: Antimycobacterial activity of 4’-bromo-[1,1’-biphenyl]-4-yl 4-x-phenylmethanone derivative, and their acute toxicity and cytotoxicity

Pandeya, S.N.; Sriram, D.; Yogeeswari, P.; Stables, J.P.: Anticonvulsant and neurotoxicity evaluation of 5-(un)-substituted isatinimino derivatives

Hamdan, I.I.: In vitro study of the interaction between omeprazole and the metal ions Zn(II), Cu(II), and Co(II)

Haffejee, N.; du Plessis, J.; Müller, D.G.; Schultz, C.; Kotzé, A.F.; Goosen, C.: Interanasal toxicity of selected absorption enhancers

Hong Wang; Li Yang; Xuan Tian; Yao-Zu Chen: Sesquterpene polyol esters from Euonymus phellomana Loes

Topcu, G.; Ayral, M.N.; Aydin, A.; Gören, A.C.; Chai, H.B.; Pezzuto, J.M.: Triterpenoids of the roots of Lavandula stoechas ssp. stoechas

Short Communications

Ganzera, M.; Crockett, S.; Tellez, M.R.; Khan, I.A.: Determination of nepetalactone in Nepeta cataria by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Vukojevic, V.; Pejic, N.; Stanisavljev, D.; Anic, S.; Kolar-Anic, Lj.: Micro-quantitative determination of quercetin by perturbation of a non-equilibrium stationary state in the Bray-Liebhafsky reaction system

Segall, A.; Vitale, M.; Hormaechea, F.; Disalvo, A.; Meméndez, A.M.; Rusi, F.; Montemerlo, H.; Pizzorno, M.T.: Physicochemical stability of an admixture for total parenteral nutrition

Graz, M.; Jamie, H.; Versluis, C.; Milne, P.: Mechanism of a anti-fungal action of selected cyclic dipeptides

Khan, M.T.H.; Matsui, T.; Matsumoto, Y.; Jabbar, S.: In vitro ACE inhibitory effects of some Bangladeshi plant extracts

Alamgir, M.; Rokeya, B.; Hannan, J.M.A.; Choudhuri, M.S.K.: The effect of Premna integrifolia Linn. (Verbenaceae) on blood glucose in streptozotocin induced type 1 and type 2 diabetic rats

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