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DiePharmazie 11/2002



Kaiser, A.; Gottwald, A.; Wiersch, C.; Maier, W.; Seitz, H. M.: The necessity to develop drugs against parasitic diseases


Original Articles

Radau, G.; Stürzebecher, J.: Cyanopeptide analogues: new lead structures for the design and synthesis of new thrombin inhibitors

Boryczka. S.; Wietrzyk, J.; Nasulewicz, A.; Pelczynska, M.; Opolski, A.: New propargyl thioquinolines-synthesis, antiproliferative activity in vitro structure-activity relationships

Jumaa, M.; Müller, B. W.: Formulating and stability of benzodiazepines in a new lipid emulsion formulation

Tapia, C.; Costa, E.; Terraza, C.; Munita, A. M.; Yazdani-Pedram, M.: Study of the prolonged release of theopylline from polymeric matrices based on grafted chitosan with acrylamide

Bonina, F.; Puglia, C.; Trombetta, D., Dragani, M. C.; Gentile, M. M.; Calvenna, G.: Vehicle effects on in vitro skin permeation of thiocolchicoside

Zheng, Q. S.; Zhang, Y. T.; Zheng, R. L.: Ascorbic acid induces redifferentiation and growth inhibition in human hepatoma cells by increasing endogenous hydrogen peroxide

Prakasam, A.; Sethupathy, S.; Pugalendi, K. V.: Antihyperglycaemic effect of Casearia esculenta root extracts in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Meriçli, F.; Meriçli, A. H.; Seyhan, G. V.; Bahar, M.; Desai, H. K.; Ozçelik, H.; Ulubelen, A.: Willipelletierine, a new diterpenoid alkaloid from Consolida scleroclada (Boiss.) Schrod.

Tankler, H.; Hinrikus, T.; Raal, A.: Georg Dragendorff and his students – the M. Sc. dissertations in pharmacy at Tartu University (1864-1894) (in German)

Short Communications

Ghorab, M.; Nada, A. H.; Ghorab, M. M.; Hammady, T. H.: Comparative study of some additives for the improvement of terfenadine performance

Matysiak, J.; Kwiatkowska-Drabik, B.; Wojcierowski, J.; Niewiadomy, A.: The nature of interaction of 4’-[(N-benzoyl) amino-methanocarboxy]-2,4-dihydroxybenzcarbothioamide with blood lymphocytes

Dolzhenko, A. V.; Kolotova, N. V.; Kozminykh, V. O.; Syropyatov, B. Ya.; Kotegov, V. P.; Godina, A. T.: Hypoglycemic effect of several substituted amides and acylhydrazides of succinic acid

Schlegel, B.; Luhmann, U.; Kiet, T. T.; Leistner, E.; Gräfe, U.: New illudane sesquiterpenes from the basidiomycete Clitocybe rivulosa HKI 0273

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